Take a look at this map. I was at my bank today and the branch manager was telling me how she had bought tickets to Fort Lauderdale for her place in Cape Coral. At the time I did not know where Cape Coral was. Cape Coral is on the Gulf Coast

Take a look at this map.

She proceeds to tell me the ride is easy from Fort Lauderdale to Cape Coral and will take about an hour and 15 minutes (CORRECTION MORE LIKE 2 HOURS). She would rather fly out of ORH and drive the one hour down there, then drive the one hour up here, deal with Boston traffice, parking fees etc to get a direct flight to Fort Myers.

At the same time, we both agreed if we can make FLL and MCO succesful, JetBlue will look into their other Fl markets out of ORH:

West Palm
Fort Myers

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