Remember when Direct Air went under, think it was Councilor Germain suggested that we should reach out to Vision. After Direct Air, I was dead set against it!!

At the samevision airlines time I complimented the City Councilor for realizing the importance of the airport, but Vision was just another Direct Air. We had proven that there was a demand with Direct Air, but it was time to go after a quality airline.

Happily we did not go after Vision. Check out this story about them in USA Today

Vision Airlines has been charged with grand theft. It’s just the latest in a string of problems that the carrier has faced since its sloppy entrance into the world of regularly scheduled passenger service.

The grand theft charge was filed Monday by the state of Florida and Okaloosa County. They contend Vision Airlines owed more than $117,000 in public “passenger facility charge” (PFCs) fees that it collected during the carrier’s ill-fated attempt to create a hub at the Northwest Florida Regional Airport near the Florida destinations of Destin and Fort Walton Beach.

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