You see them on your flight itineraries and on your bag tags. You even weave them into conversations.

You see them on your flight itineraries and on your bag tags. You even weave them into conversations.

“I’m off to DFW.”
“I’m flying out of LAX.”
“We’re leaving out of JFK”.
These are the 3 letter city codes airlines use to designate the underlying airport established by the FAA . The majority are based on the city name or whomever the airport may be named after; for example, BOS, MIA, PIT, PHL and JFK.

On the other hand, you have ORD-Chicago and BNA-Nashville? Believe it orord baggage tag not, there’s logic to these too. Orchard Field is the original name for O’Hare Airport in Chicago. Nashville airport is actually in Berry Field.

That leads us to the mystery of ORH?

How did Worcester Regional Airport get this 3 letter designator with no “H” in Worcester? We do know that “K”’s and “W”’s were not assigned as the first letter by the FAA to avoid confusion with radio station call signs. That’s why Key West is EYW. The Navy took dibs on “N” to designate their air fields. As a result we have EWR for Newark and ORF for Norfolk.

So, here you go !!!! The first person to provide a valid verifiable reason why Worcester Regional Airport has ORH as its designator on Twitter with the hashtag #flyorh will receive the following:

$100 Gift certificate at restaurant of their choice (courtesy of this FlyORH blog and FlyORH website)
Short aircraft familiarization course along with a brief history of Worcester’s role in the space age, between both Robert Goddard and the David Clark Company, and a 20-minute scenic flight over Worcester (Worcester Regional Flight Academy valued at $135)
Behind the scenes tour of Worcester Regional Airport with Airport Director Andy Davis (Massport-priceless)
Good luck!

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