b Southern Airways Starts Service To Nantucket From Norwood, New Haven & Providence
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Will There Be Rectrix Service This Summer To Cape & Islands

Before we get accused of being negative, we did hear our first radio ad today on WTAG this morning for Worcester Airport. We also do not see this service announcement as being a major loss for ORH.

At the same time it is somewhat symbolic of the momentum, or lack thereof, at ORH. Rectrix failed miserably with their service to the Cape and Islands that barely had any passengers at all flying out of Worcester the past couple of years.

The problem was that they initially came out with ticket prices way too high and had no advertsing at all!! You not blame a company like Southern Airways, however, for not even looking at Worcester after looking at Rectrix numbers.

For the record we are assuming that Rectrix will not return with service to Worcester this summer!! Funny lookin back how Rectrix promised flight to Baltimore then on to Saraota for three years. Although we guaranteed on this blog that this flight never materialize, they were taken very seriously.

How did we ever take them seriously???

Point here is when you post bad numbers and airlines fail, it sends a message. Very worried about what the numbers from Delta, that starts service in August, will send out to other airlines looking at Worcester as a possibility.

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commented on 2019-05-29 13:36:19

Rectrix to the Cape is donezo - those flights have be reallocated to Westchester NY and have already started for the summer.

Common Sense

commented on 2019-05-29 15:43:36

Allegiant begins service next week from Portsmouth, NH to St. Pete. / Clearwater, Myrtle Beach and Savanna. These are the destinations that we have been begging for at ORH. Also, I don't see any of these discount carriers knocking down doors to come here. The ads might be nice, but it might be too little too late. I have a sinking feeling that in two years we might only be left with the two JB direct flights to FL. It seems that Mr. Davis and his crew can't even keep the airfield safe right now. Time for a change at the top.

Timothy MacDonald

commented on 2019-05-29 17:11:21

The service we have is ok but doesn’t make a lot on sense. Cape Air to the islands seems like a perfect fit but I guess not. The three airlines flying basically the same fight makes no sense. I tried to book a flight for business to Philly on June 20 with a same day return and it doesn’t exist. I would have to fly out on the 19th and return on the 21st. I don’t want to lose American Airlines but its not convenient to use.

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