b Our Next Prediction For Worcester Airport
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We Need A Bump

JetBlue has been flatlining now for almost a year, since the start of service to JFK. Either you increase your presence or you decrease it, time for JetBlue to make some changes.

Here we go for 101st time:

1) add a 2nd flight to NYC
2) add a 2nd flight to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale
3) add a flight to the Gulf Coast or Puerto Rico
4) change the Orlando and Fort Lauderdale times to the morning

Now we are saying that one of these 4 things will happen in the short term.

Our next prediction for Worcester Airport is there will be changes to the Orlando and Fort Lauderdale flights. Either there will be a 2nd flight to these cities or they will change times. Either of these changes will do great!!!

On the other hand:

1) Delta will have average loads of maybe 30% to Detroit from Worcester.
2) We have seen nothing from the $300,000 marketing campaign in Worcester to make people aware of the options available at Worcester Airport??
3) American is still struggling to Philadelphia.

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Common Sense

commented on 2019-05-07 19:09:54

I don't see JB increasing its presence at ORH. Theu could just as easily add another flight to an existing route and probably get better load factors. I agree with all your ideas, but JB hasn't proven to me that they have any long-term strategy for ORH. I think it's too early to judge how the new marketing campaign is working. The bad PR from the security breach may erase any benefits of the ads. Some parents might think twice about using ORH to take their kids to Disney.

Timothy MacDonald

commented on 2019-05-08 05:27:21

I flew last Wednesday and back in on Saturday and both flights were almost full. I agree with adding another flight for families looking to get in a little earlier. For me the later flight was great I worked for most of the day and still flew out and got to our hotel in time for a late dinner. It’s too bad American is cutting service so soon and agree having one airline flying 3 times a day is better than 3 airlines all flying 1 flight a day.

Common Sense

commented on 2019-05-09 08:29:22

I don't know who is handling the PR at Massport, but the worst thing you can do after a security breach is to say that you’re not going to make any changes to the security protocol. It makes the public think that they're indifferent to the safety of their passengers. The fact that the breach was the lead story on all the Boston news channels hurts the goal of luring more people to the airport.

David J. Rushford

commented on 2019-05-10 03:18:16

Bill, do you think JetBlue would do well adding a daily round trip to Ft Myers or Punta Gorda?

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ad space for rent : bill@flyorh.com

ad space for rent : bill@flyorh.com

ad space for rent : bill@flyorh.com