b Neeleman Interview Business Insider Regarding Moxy
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None Of Their Routes Will have Competition

Link to the Business Insider Interview . Here is the key line from Neeleman:

"I would be very surprised if a single Moxy route had nonstop service competition," he told us. "There are literally hundreds and hundreds of city pairs that are crying out for nonstop flights."

It would be very hard to have routes with no competition from the major airport like Boston, Providence and Hartford. We could even include Manchester in this category.

On the other hand it would be pretty easy to have point to point routes out of Worcester with no competiton.

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Common Sense

commented on 2019-04-29 09:19:22

I don't see the benefit of bringing in any more airlines until the issues with JFK and PHI are worked out. We also need a better feel for how the Delta to Detroit service will do. Otherwise you're just replacing one failed servjce with another. That could be a fatal blow to ORH. Airports without any competition can often mean ones that are struggling with poor load factors that prevent them from attracting other carriers. I just. see it as throwing a buch of stuff against the wall and hoping some of it will stick. That is more of an act of desperation rather than a way to build a successful passener airport. Let's advertise tbe heck out of our existing flights before we move in a different direction. Give it a good year or two.


commented on 2019-04-30 03:27:28

I appreciate news about the Worcester airport - is there a way to see the date articles are posted? I don’t always keep up, and then I’ll see an interesting or promising development, but further research reveals it’s “old news” by the time I am reading about it. A date on each article/column would be handy! Thanks.


commented on 2019-04-30 04:02:14

I live the American Airlines flights to Philadelphia. I fly every week on AA and have found them very reliable and convenient. Otherwise I fly out of Logan. I am disappointed that they are cutting back to one afternoon flight 4 days a week.


commented on 2019-04-30 06:23:17

We need to change the Florida flight to win a.m. flight. There are many people in the City Of Worcester who travel to Orlando especially during the Summer and school vacation weeks. By having such a late afternoon flight out of Worcester you are losing the entire first day. Also if you are trying to get to port Canaveral for a cruise you are arriving far too late I need to seek an alternate airport or a different airline for a cruise purpose .


commented on 2019-04-28 12:53:30

They could start ORH-JFK or Philadelphia tomorrow and still not have any competition

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