b JetBlue Big Annoucement Wednesday Will Be London And Amsterdam
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How Many More Flights Can Boston Take??

JetBlue has a big annoucement Wednesday.

We feel it will be transatlantic flights from both Boston and JFK. London has been mentioned for over a year. We feel London will definately be a destination Wednesday, but also think Amsterdam may be a 2nd destination.

About a year ago, FlyORH approached the Telegram about doing a column-- FOR FREE!!! .

One of the Teelgram's biggest problems, beside "there is not much news up there", were who were our sources. In the end, FlyORH was blown off by the Telegram, but was offered a spot to post a blog on their website. Never understood that???

Ironcially, we have literally not been wrong since that meeting!!
Thank you Telegram!!
What do you think of our sources now??

We think these international flights will do very well and be a huge success. This begs the questions: How many more flights can Boston handle?? Massport needs to start making Worcester a true reliever airport for Boston.

Right now we are about 20 flights per day, before providing any real relief for Boston.

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