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What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

For months on this blog we have been warning our readers that the hub flights by JetBlue to JFK and American to Philadelphia were struggling with loads hovering around 50%. Simply put, flights with loads in the 50% range simply do not survive.

On the blog, we recommended that we needed to spend monies on advertising to help these flights, American pilots needed to get CAT II certified ASAP and JetBlue needed to add a 2nd turn to JFK. Look through the posts, you will see this message over and over again.

Flash forward to last month and we listened to our airport director saying all was going great during a radio interview on Unity Radio. It was either that weekend or the next weekend, we noticed that American was going from 2 flights per day (14 per week) to only 4 per week.

The following Monday we posted this schedule change much to the surprise to our Airport Director, Massport and the Massport Chairman of Board. Since that time we have learned that this "should not have happened" from a MassLive column and was only a "bump" in the road.

This past week our Airport Director, however, proceeded to say this was not a surprise in Worcester Mag:

Massport officials said they were caught by surprise by the news. This week, Davis called the move “regrettable,” but said he understands it.

“They figured they’re give it a shot and see how they could sustain two flights a day,” he said. “Regrettably, five months in they didn’t see the results they wanted to see from a load factor and yield factor.”

Here is out point:

1) We have been warning everyone on this blog that we needed to increase these loads. 2) The message from the airport was the airlines are very happy.
3) Then when reality strikes ,our airport director acknowledges that all was not well?

Going forward we need our airport director needs acknowledge when flight loads are low, so we do things like spend 300,000 for advertising, to help these flights before we lose them.

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Common Sense

commented on 2019-03-24 17:49:05

How about we get an airport directer that has a clue, not someone that was booted out of Logan for poor job performance. How lame is it that he can barely run an airport with 5 flights a day? Have you ever heard of introducing a new product to market and waiting a year to market it? There is some good news. This weekend I went to my favorite Italian restaurant in Marlborough. I grabbed the Community Advocate, a free weekly newsletter for 5 towns East of Worcester. There was a nice article about ORH. They city manager, the Massport chairman and the Lt. Governor were all at a breakfast meeting at the Chamber out their to push the airport. They're also going to rent a booth at the upcoming expo out there. This is the exact type of marketing we need. It costs almost nothing and it gets the word out to the Metro-West community. Kudos to them.


commented on 2019-03-25 00:29:59

It is insane really when you think about it. We will see how this PHL flight goes now that it's one afternoon turn. There goes any business travelers we had right there. They can try to save face all they want the current schedule at the airport is an unmitigated disaster top to bottom now that everything is once a day.

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