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Lets Hope We Get A Mechanic On Duty FOr the Morning Flights

According to AINOnline Ross Aviation has bought Rectrix. Something we predicted two months ago.

Although we were excited when Rectrix first came to Worcester, they have done nothing but disappoint:

1) commercial fleet was never moved Worcester
2) maintenance never moved to Worcester
3) DC/Sarasota flight never happened
4) Cape shuttle was a failure
5) Maybe one corporate jet has moved to Worcester
6) How can you not have a mechanic on duty for JetBlue AM flight to JFK??

Maybe if they spent less money advertising on sports radio flying the radio personalities to the Super Bowl, and more attention to their business, they would not have had to sell their business??

Lets hope Ross does a better job and start by having a mechanic on duty to ensure passengers make their connection when flying:

1) JetBlue to JFK
2) American to Philadelphia
3) Delta to Detroit

Check out our blog and you will see several columns that we have posted being critical of Rectrix.

Looks like we are right again!!

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commented on 2019-02-22 09:13:31

There’s a lot of happy people in Bedford now that Cawley is gone. Will be interesting to see what Ross can do before they eventually sell off their Rectrix locations which anyone in aviation will tell you is all they do.

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