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Discount Carrier to Florida Would Have Been Better Announcement

I just read an article in USA Today about how the discount carriers Allegiant, Spirit, Wow, Sun Country and Frontier are adding new routes. Some of these new flights are to Florida destinations that our citizens have been begging for. If Massport can close the deal with one of these carriers I would feel better about the future of ORH.

Right now, we have three carriers that were strong-armed into coming here. I don't see anything that indicates they're looking to expand their presence here. I think they're just going to do the bare minimum to keep in Massport's good graces. I can see the same service we have now in three years. ORH could do very well with a modest amount of advertising and routes that our market our area is willing to support.

The something is better than nothing approach that a couple of you have just commented on is not sustainable long-term at ORH.

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commented on 2019-02-06 01:44:36

Preach! But what do we know? The only thing this blog has been wrong about recently is thinking American would do well. Detroit is going to be an abject failure. Good stuff common sense


commented on 2019-02-06 12:07:28

We did not know that the pilots were not CAT II certified has caused more delays and diversions then we had ever considered. Not to mention the complete lack of any advertising by American has not helped their efforts in Worcester???

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