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We Told You In November This Would Happen

Check this link detailing the sale of Rectrix to Ross Aviation. Thanks to the person who posted this link on our blog!!

Keep in mind we reported this was going to happen month ago:

Post 1

post 2

post 3

Looks like that Rectrix flight to Baltimore then Sarasota, that we said for two years would never happen, will never happen.

On the bright side maybe Ross Aviation will have a mechanic on duty for scheduled commercial flights...

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commented on 2019-01-17 09:47:42

Post in the local paper today with Cawley calling it a “merger” that will allow Worcester to grow. Anyone in aviation knows Ross is a liquidation company they’re just gonna flip the locations to someone else one by one. I’m just glad the blatantly lying Cawley and the management that followed him is likely out the door as this is the money they were looking for. We all knew the airline was a lie!!!!

donald simpson

commented on 2019-01-21 17:01:19

just think, this might help vs being a death sentence

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