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Every time we read a column about "Moxy" we read this line:

. The airline will look to serve airports such as Burbank, Fort Worth, Providence and Trenton-Mercer Airport offering shuttle.

But did anyone read this column in the SFGate titled "JetBlue founder conjures a new carrier with no competition".

And Neeleman said it will operate on international as well as domestic routes, focusing on secondary airports and city pairs that currently have no non-stop service.

Here is our question. Would you consider Providence or Worcester as a secondary airport with little competition?

We think the answer is clearly Worcester Airport.

As bad as it has been not getting new service, this may be the thing the actually attracts "Moxy". We are a:

1) secondary airport
2) great infractructure (terminal-parking-CAT III)
3) only two destinations with non-stop service (Fort Lauderdale-Orlando)

Lets hope Neeleman past experiences with Massport concentrating on Boston as a focus city, when he started JetBlue, will help convince him to pick Worcester as he starts this new airline. Based on his plans it seems Worcester is the perfect match.

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User Comments

Common Sense

commented on 2019-01-12 12:56:06

No need for any additional airlines until we get the ones we already have operating at higher load figures. JetBlue hasn't met any of its goals they outlined when they started service here. So far the response to the AA flights to PHI has been unremarkable. We all agree the Delta service to Detroit won't perform much better. The Rectrix passenger service to BWI never materialized. Why you would suggest that bringing in more airlines helps ORH at this point is beyond me. Brining in many airlines within a relatively short period of time was tried at ORH back in the late 1980's. It ended in miserable failure when almost all of the new airlines ended up pulling out. You got to remember that conditions back then were more favorable for growth at ORH. It was pre-Big Dig when it could take 3 hours to get to Logan. Also, the other airports in our area weren't doing the numbers they do now. I know you think it's different now because Massport owns the airport, but if you look at the numbers the airport did better back then when the City owned it. If you add to that the lack of marketing by Massport and the airlines, I think that bringing in more airlines now is a recipe for failure. There is still a good portion of people in our area that aren't sold on ORH. For every cancelled service (due to low load factors) you are reducing that pool of new passengers. It would also be more bad PR that could possibly hurt load factors on the existing flights. Let's give AA, JB and Delta a couple of years before entertain new carriers.


commented on 2019-01-12 13:59:22

My question after all the tax payer money that was spent on cat 111 why isn’t Massport making attempts to bring in airlines. Could it be time for city to pressure Massport to sell the airport to a private entity instead? Maybe even putting it on the ballot to citizens of this state to demand privatization of every airport that is owned by Massport? Then you will see business at these airports run the way it should be.

Common Sense

commented on 2019-01-13 04:16:05

I'm not sure why any private company would be interested in buying an airport that loses so much money. Massport wanted no part of owning ORH. It only happened because a lot of political pressure from higher ups in our state government (some Worcester people) was put on them to do so. The airlines we have now were dragged here kicking and screaming as Massport strong-armed them to start a few flights here if they wanted favors at Logan. If these airlines were really interested in thriving at ORH they would change flight times and routes that gave them the best chance to succeed. They would also do effective marketing. There basically going to do the bare minimum to keep in Massport's good graces. I see ORH as a niche airport mainly serving the Florida leisure crowd. If you expect ORH to be the next T.F Green or Manchester you're in for a major disappointment.


commented on 2019-01-14 01:33:15

Common sense I’m sorry this is where I don’t get the way you think sometimes. The airline industry is completely different now than it was 5 years ago let alone in the late-80s please stop referring to this time period. No two airlines are the same either so ones success or failure is not necessarily indicative of another airlines fate. The problem here is not entirely a Worcester problem it’s a lack of effort across the board issue. If Moxy were to come in and actually commit to growth instead of shoving 40 percent full aircraft down our throats saying “this is what you get and you’ll like it” the results should be the complete opposite. Back in the late 80’s you couldn’t find airlines at a lot of today’s booming airports - all it takes is one major announcement (no, Detroit doesn’t count).

Common Sense

commented on 2019-01-14 13:19:21

I do think if you bring a discount carrier like Moxy in to serve other destinations in Florida it would work well. I think a junket to Las Vegas once a week would do well. Maybe if they could hook ORH into the system of the sites offering all-inclusive trips to the Caribbean that would raise the load factors on the existing flights. Beyond that, I don't see the need or market for any additional airlines or flights. I think some of you guys are so emotionally invested in making ORH into something it is not (and will never be) that you reject the notion that ORH will never be a serious reliever to Logan. There's a difference from being an airport booster and being delusional.


commented on 2019-01-15 16:20:43

Your point doesn’t make sense. How does our investment into the success of ORH have anything to do with us not taking the airport as a serious reliever to Logan? Your mistake is thinking the results at ORH right now are indicative of the market - that there is none there. If the schedule was like it is at LITERALLY every other airport I would agree with you. But there are major major shortcomings at the airport for whatever reason airlines don’t want to put in any effort and until they are addressed we don’t know the full potential. Detroit is the last thing this airport needs right now. I would rather have three flights on CAT III aircraft to philly (like i said, at ANY other airport) than our three “connector” flights as they are now. JetBlue can **** right out of here with this JFK flight - it’s finally reliable but with this schedule let me ask you who exactly is going to be on this one flight?? It’s not business people or anyone originating in New York I can tell you that much. It’s not a Worcester problem no matter how much your 1995 Committee meeting tells you otherwise.

Common Sense

commented on 2019-01-15 21:18:26

I admire your civic pride my friend. Just don't get yourself all worked up about it. It's not worth having a heart attack or stroke over. If Massport can turn ORH into a successful passenger facility that's great. If not, life will go on. The good news is that we have four other airports within one hour's drive. I think the Denver airport is almost 30 miles from the city. Let's hope for the best.

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