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One Flight To JFK Not Working

It looks like we are not going to get a 2nd turn to JetBlue hub to NYC (JFK). Based on the current schedule, no advertising and no mechanic being on duty, we do not see this one flight becoming a success.

Here are the changes we would recommend:

1) Cancel this one flight to NYC (JFK)
2) Change it to a Gulf Coast destination (Fort Myers). Right away you would have loads like we have to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando (85-90%).
3) Change Orlando to early morning departure and switch to the larger Airbus (150 seats versus 100). We would fill this plane with an earlier flight.

Make those changes and you would go from 440 people per day on these 6 JetBlue flights to 800 people per day on these 6 proposed JetBlue flights.

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User Comments


commented on 2018-11-20 11:40:09

Makes a lot of sense. JFK is forcing it at this point it’s just wasted time. Get rid of this horrid flight and with Orlando as a vacation destination would be perfect at the times JFK has now make it happen!


commented on 2018-11-21 22:19:18

If we really want a larger plane, Southwest is about to move from Terminal A to Terminal B at Logan. If they owe Massport a favor I could see them adding a seasonal flight to RSW (or BWI or MDW). And they only have 737s.


commented on 2018-11-22 12:05:56

VFR, we’ve actually blogged about this a few times in the past. According to sources Southwest (atleast for the moment) doesn’t want to touch ORH with a ten-foot pole.


commented on 2018-11-22 16:39:02

Some ORH history for you guys, Southwest wanted to make ORH their northeast hub back when the city owned the airport and before WN (Southwest) went into MHT, PVD, and BDL. They just needed more gates and were willing to shell out their own money. The city said "no". So I wouldn't be surprised if Southwest wanted nothing to do with ORH. And also, Southwest owes Massport nothing even with the B to A move at Logan because Massport just puts WN where they're less "in the way". E was where they started, then they were moved to A, and now soon to be B.


commented on 2018-12-01 01:12:26

I think we should keep the flight we have now to JFK. It makes for a nice day trip where we don’t have Amtrak service in Worcester to NYC.tGiving up that flight we would have less access to West coast , Midwest, and international flights the we do now. I feel we stick with the progress we have made so and continue to work on adding more Florida destinations, flights into Americans Charlotte hubs add a couplec flights to the DC area, and try to convince Delta to add a couple fights to Atlanta. It was done before in Worcester. Why can’t .it be done again?

Business Traveler

commented on 2018-12-04 11:49:47

A Worcester flight to a Washington DC airport would be a huge plus. I take flights there frequently from Logan. Logan has numerous very convenient flights, but they are always crowded. That means success. The problem ORH might have is if it only has one round trip per day to there DC area (Logan has a true shuttle, nearly one every hour at peak times). Even if there is only one, make it like the flailing JFK flight--early am to DC and late evening back. That actually could work for DC. If you do the DC route and deal with government you know that schedules of govt leaders change and you have to be flexible. You book and early in and late out and change to an earlier flight home if it works out. It wouldn't be the end of the world to have to stick with your late flight in some cases. If you do need to get back, BOS has plenty of JetBlue options, and its pretty easy to get a shuttle or car back to Worcester.


commented on 2018-12-07 21:37:07

Dan and Business Traveler, we do agree. We feel there would be a strong market for DC and definitely Atlanta like there would be with New York if it were done correctly. If the times do not work there are hourly flights from 3 different airlines at Logan to choose from. The issue is that we are hearing from people that the JFK flight is not for any specific business purpose. Massport and the airlines they work with aren't hiding the fact it's for favors only. The phrase "overnight parking spot" for Kennedy has been mentioned from time to time by three different entities at the airport since it started and explains why our airport director (still can't get over this) is okay with 40 percent loads while Bradley and Providence add every week. So yes, we agree Worcester has room to grow. But this is why we believe we may never see it. JetBlue has added capacity this year to all their airports in the area (BOS, BDL, PVD) to Florida except Worcester. Five years into service with the same flights and no growth should tell you all you need to know. 32 people in tonight from JFK if anyone was wondering.

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