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Constructive Criticism and Recommendations Are Not Negative

This post is in response to "Don Simpson" post on Twitter. After our post yesterday that we need a mechanic to be on duty, not required to only get to the airport in 45 minutes, "Don" responded with "some people just love to complain".

We guess this is a complaint, but what about the validiy of our post??? Maybe one of the reasons the JFK flight has loads under 50%, other then their not being a mid-day turn, is that their is no mechanic on duty to ensure a timely departure??

Lets set the record straight for the 100th time for "Don Simpson". We are Worcester Airport's biggest fans and we have come a long way. That said considering that Massport has now owned our airport for 6 years and over $100 million of taxpayer monies have been invested, we should be way ahead of where we are now.

1) A 2nd flight to JFK
2) A gulf coast destination with JFK
3) JFK flight to Puerto Rico
4) Discount carrier like Allegiant or Frontier
5) Delta should be here sooner then next August

We should be having at least 10 flight per day, not 5. We will keep pointinig out weakneses at Worcester Airport until they are corrected hoping these changes will yield results.

"Don Simpson" you can keep being happy with 40% loads on the JetBlue flight to JFK, we think that we can do alot better.

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User Comments

Common Sense

commented on 2018-11-11 14:09:33

A little confused about PR. You can fly from ORH to San Juan now using either the JB JFK hub or the AA PHI hub. Maybe you're advocating a direct flight, but the layover at the hubs is only 1-2 hours.


commented on 2018-11-11 18:01:54

United to ORD, IAD, or EWR! Bonus points if they start before Delta.


commented on 2018-11-11 18:32:29

Common Sense: We think there is a huge market in Central Mass to San Juan, Gulf Coast and seasonally to Myrtle that can support a direct flight. Just like FLL and MCO currently with JetBlue.

Common Sense

commented on 2018-11-12 11:37:34

When you look at the relatively low medium household income for Hispanics in our area, I'm not sure that would support daily flights to San Juan. I would be interested to see data about how many people on the current JB flights to JFK are passengers making connections to San Juan. I would suspect if we're only getting 40-50% load factors on people making connections everywhere then there would not be enough people to justify a separate San Juan flight. I just think that market is adequately served with our existing flights. We all know that a West Florida/ Gulf Coast flight would do well, but based on the evidence (JB won't add a second JFK flight) I don't have any confidence they're looking to expand their footprint at ORH. Maybe another carrier could be lured in to serve that market. About 30 years ago, a local travel agency used to do junkets to Las Vegas every Saturday. They put together packages, including casino funded perks, for area travelers. They used to fill up a 727 every week. You guys seem to have a lot of expertise when it comes to the airline industry. Maybe you could look into putting together something like that. You could help out the airport and pocket some money (at least get a free trip to Vegas).


commented on 2018-11-12 20:38:57

VFR, we have said this all along. Chicago should have been the west destination and not Detroit. You will actually have people traveling back and forth between Chicago. IAD makes a lot of sense too given the high density market between Boston and Washington. The only problem is United doesn’t and probably won’t need anything at Logan for a long time coming. They have all they need at the moment and more. As for CS there’s some more good stuff. At this point it would be more beneficial to change JFK at RSW or something. Numbers have been exactly the same since it started and we know nothing is going to change about the service. Maybe they improve this winter? We all know it’s gonna go right back down after the winter season. Pathetic all around. (Also don’t forget the Atlantic City charters - those used to be full! They still have them they’re operated by Swift Air these days)

Common Sense

commented on 2018-11-13 00:58:47

One more thing. A lot of people heading to the Caribbean now are opting for the all-inclusive resorts like in Punta Cana DR. When I first went there years ago there were only two hotels on Bavaro Beach. I would guess there's about 100 now. In fact, The biggest booking site for these trips is These packages allow you to fly from Boston, Albany, Manchester and Providence but not ORH. Maybe Massport can look into that.

donald simpson

commented on 2018-11-20 08:16:05

ok, but you can stop complaining, and make constructive suggestions instead


commented on 2018-11-20 08:41:47

"Don Simpson": The blog is full of constructive suggestions????

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