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The truth is not fake news

Twitter message tonight

Unreal flight is going to be delayed from orh to fll because there is no mechanic onsite at the airport to inspect the plane. Not very convenient nor professional service. Will fly out of Boston or Providence from now on.

Do we enjoy posting these comments? Not at all. It is actually very depressing!!!

Our hope is that maybe our recommendation that a mechanic be on duty at Rectrix for our flights, not required to only be within 45 minues, be changed? We have been saying this for months!!

Or should we pretend this is not a problem and people will not notice?? Someone better tell Susan. Check out her Twitter message from her flight on November 4th.

Sitting in plane for 3 hours now. No maintenance at Worcester Airport, who knows what else. Also people across from me very loud and won’t stop talking and do not care if they annoy fellow travelers.

What do you think pushes people away from Worcester, a) truthful blog posts hopiing for changes or b) these two people experiences???

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Common Sense

commented on 2018-11-09 16:24:22

Our airport has been making fair progress over the last five years, but it seems like we're still haunted by the same issues that caused ORH to be without commercial service for long periods of time. Eventually, the public will sacrifice the convenience of flying from ORH for the reliability of flying from one of the four major airports within an hour's drive.


commented on 2018-11-09 22:09:35

I agree with you to an extent CS however I think it’s way too early to come to this conclusion. These issues are entirely overcomeable however no one (primarily JetBlue) seems to try. Besides more favorable passenger numbers both ways another large advantage of having the Florida flights mid day was that Rectrix did have a mechanic present during normal business hours. As easy as it is to blame Rectrix this is definitely primarily a JetBlue issue. We can revisit again in 3-5 years when we probably have the same exact flights we have now.

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