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We Stand Behind Our Initial Post

Over the week-end we started with a post saying Rectrix May Be Done In Worcester .

At the same time we sent an e-mail to the Rectric CEO, Rich Cawley, for a comment that we could post, but he refused.

Yesterday, however, a comment was put on the blog stating "Nothing could be farther from the truth. Richard Cawley CEO". Keep in mind we have no idea, if this is really him or not, but for the sake of arguement to whoever posted it.

Which one of our 6 points are not true?:

1) commercial fleet was never moved Worcester
2) maintenance never moved to Worcester
3) DC/Sarasota flight never happened
4) Cape shuttle was a failure
5) Maybe one corporate jet has moved to Worcester
6) How can you not have a mechanic on duty for JetBlue AM flight to JFK??

Last night we sent another e-mail to the CEO of Rectrix looking for a comment on the record. No response.. Nobody was a bigger fan of Rectrix when they came to Worcester, built a new facility and made all these grandiose annoucements.

The truth is they have not materialized. Last we checked, the truth is the truth.

Since our initial post, we have received numerous messages through various outlets, the response has been amazing. We stand behind our initial post more today then we we posted it.

Stay tuned!!!

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User Comments

Jeff R

commented on 2018-11-01 17:16:34

This is spot on! I can say Rectrix has been the worst experience I have witnessed. I dont just speak of Worcester but Bedford Ma as well. The ridiculous false stories are complete lies by This company!

Arnold F.

commented on 2018-11-01 19:30:46

I’ve been in local aviation community for around 20 years now and I’ll admit I was surprised when I saw someone taking on Rectrix. Maybe it’s because private aviation isnt in a spotlight unlike commercial but for a while their bad reputation has flown under the radar. Cawley has a bad reputation amongst a large collection of former clients and mostly benefits on the demand of Bedford as almost a Spirit Airlines experience as well as from what i hear many political ties. I flew in there once at Bedford a couple years ago and the two line guys collective age did not even equal mine. Not exactly what you want around millions of dollars worth of aircraft left and right. Everyone knows pilots talk and where there’s smoke there’s fire. Keep asking I’m sure more people will reach out. As far as Worcester goes Rectrix has done nothing in their stay to bring back general aviation activity that is for all intents and purposes dead at ORH. Swissport for years never cared because private aviation wasn’t their thing in the first place. Rectrix however doesn’t have that excuse and disappoints me things if anything are worse than they were before. Most people I know have long since migrated to surrounding airports primarily due to high pricing but also other Massport-related reasons also. The hangars that were once jam-packed to the doors are empty. If the rumor of selling to Ross is true it makes sense because Ross has a notorious reputation of flipping failing aviation businesses. Only time will tell but hopefully this is good news for Worcester in the long run. It can’t really get any worse after all.


commented on 2018-11-02 06:27:49

This is awesome!!! My buddy from another company sent me this knowing I would get a kick out of it. Keep digging Bill there’s a lot of people with horror stories with Rectrix. I’ll see if I can send a few your way. Cheers.

Common Sense

commented on 2018-11-02 12:49:45

Maybe Mr. Davis and the incompetents that manage ORH should have done their due diligence and looked into these issues before they became their FBO. If you ask any Mid-Level (or higher up) manager a t Massport they will tell you in confidence that ORH is a dumping place for their malcontents and employees with poor job evaluations. They send them to ORH to tread water until they are eligible for retirement benefits. When you have an airport director that sees no problem with the 40% loads on the JFK flight then it might be time to make a change.

RIAC guy

commented on 2018-11-02 14:52:35

I have to admit, I follow this blog for 2 reasons, I live near Worcester and work at PVD. So I like to stay close to whats happening, but also for the comedic value. The blogger and most of the commenters have no clue what they are talking about. 1. You dont recognize that a private company dropped $7 mil of their own money into airport improvements. yea they probably pissed GA Bugsmashers, but theres no ROI with them. 2. youre trashing the director because he simply echoed a comment from an airline that they are "satisfied". is he elated?, ecstatic? no! this is new service and I'm sure there are a lot more strategic reasons to have this flight that you have no clue about. didn't jetblue just pull down a lot of markets? Why didnt they touch the JFK flight? Theres your answer. Also, Im an ops guy and I know Andy, HIs primary mission is to ensure the utmost in Safety and Security. Over the past several years, ORH has repeatedly received clean inspections from FAA & TSA. His budget is to maintain the team and tools to keep it safe for the traveling public. So criticise massport, not ORH for marketing. btw the way , malcontents getting shipped out to ORH is an ancient myth. I wish I had Andys team at PVD. As Ive said I had been reading these blogs for the comedic value, but nowadays, its bordering on the absurd. you like using movie analogies like good bad and ugly. Why not use Waterboy, because youre starting to remind me of those 2 idiots in the grandstand that think they know about football. Actually, I should be encouraging you, because they way youre portraying ORH is only helping PVD . Thanks!


commented on 2018-11-02 16:54:44

I was planning on sitting this one out, too. Welcome to the blog, glad we can provide some entertainment! You're not going to convince us otherwise on Rectrix. The investment at ORH was part of their initial deal to get land at Bedford much like JetBlue and Boston. In fact, I'm fairly positive the number was supposed to be north of 8 million but I would have to dig out the old RFP to confirm. Since the last couple posts we have had over 10 emails (all former clients except one current one) reaching out to us thanking us for putting this in the spotlight. It is what it is. As for Andy Davis I'm not really going to dig into that as I do agree there's stuff that goes on that we don't see and it's entirely a team effort. But what would you say if your airport director encouraged 40% loads on a flight that's failing miserably? Enjoy your new West Palm service your team landed with JetBlue but ORH magically got left out on. I'm sorry sir, but results don't lie. Hope we can keep our entertainment value up, judging by our rising pageviews you're not the only one tuned in!

Common Sense

commented on 2018-11-03 03:01:29

I don't think managing safety and security at an airport with five flights a day and a postage stamp size terminal is some great feat. He gets $167,000 a year for just doing that?

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