Although most of the focus is on Commercial passenger service. the benefits of strong General Aviation (GA), however, can not be underestimated. How big is the GA business?

Take a look at Google

So many, in fact, that the company is in the process of inking an $82 million construction deal that would bring its fleet to San Jose International Airport. Pending city council approval, the privately funded facility would generate an annual $2.6 million in rent and around $400,000 in fuel revenues, while also creating some 236 jobs.

or Charlotte:

The 10 publicly owned general aviation airports in the Charlotte region have an annual economic impact of nearly a half-billion dollars and support more than 4,000 jobs, according to the study for the state Transportation Department

The addition of Rectrix will help ORH tap into this GA business. Personally I would love to see Linear Air base one of their Eclipses at ORH

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