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Good Schedule Equates To Success

Anyone remember the initital American announcement departing Philadelphia at 8:00 AM to Worcester then leaving Worcester at 10:30AM back to Philadelphia. That flight was guaranteed to fail!!!!

Although many others in the community told us not to, we complained vigorously that this needed to change. American listened, changed times on this flight and added another:

5:43 AM Worcester 7:09 AM Philadelphia
2:06 PM Philadelphia 3.18 PM Worcester
4:41 PM Worcester 6:09 PM Philadelphia
9:30 PM Philadelphia 10:53 PM Worcester

Check out their ticket prices. Remember the code for Worcester is ORH and that Philadelphia is the hub for American, which enables you to reach practically all the destinations on the American route map through Philadelphia.

How are these flights doing? . Check this comment from the blog yesterday.
Flying AA on the 5:43am run tomorrow (Thursday). Just checked in and was pleased to see that the flight is already 82% full (45/55 seats).

According to their Jacqueline Jennings at American "We are very pleased with the operation so far, thank you for asking. Our team in ORH is doing a terrific job. "

We have always maintained that if you provide Worcester Airport with an airline like American with a great team and good schedule, you can have alot of success here. Imagine if they do not change the schedule? We would be looking at a plane departing from Philadelphia at 8:00AM empty to Worcester with maybe a few people on the return flight. Even worse, we would have had people saying that there is no market in Worcester!!!

We owe alot of thanks to American for not just adding one flight here to use as a bargaining chip with Massport, but came to Worcester with a plan that will lead to success at Worester Airport. Lets hope they build upon this.

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User Comments

donald simpson

commented on 2018-11-01 12:14:43

congrats to Piedmont and too bad for the worcester complainiacs


commented on 2018-11-01 12:23:37

"Although many others in the community told us not to, we complained vigorously that this needed to change. " Please complain about ORH-JFK so they change and add more times! What do we need to do for Jetblue and ORH to realize this!!!!


commented on 2018-11-01 12:32:54

Reilly: We point this out constantly. One flight per day to their hub will not work and we will consistently have bad loads. Currently under 50%. The only way it can succeed is to add a mid-day turn like American has and as Delta has said they will do.. Maybe as American keeps doing well, it will help JetBlue to add the flight??

Common Sense

commented on 2018-11-01 16:00:15

Just think what would happen if Massport and AA did some effective marketing. They would have 100% loads and require a larger plane. Good start!!!


commented on 2018-11-01 16:59:04

Common Sense the lack of a marketing plan for Worcester Airport from Massport after investing over $100 Million of tax-payer monies amazes us!


commented on 2018-11-01 21:12:56

JetBlue's flight to JFK is a compliance flight to satisfy Massport. Connecting traffic is also not a major part of JetBlue's business model either; they built their empire on non-stop flights from BOS and JFK (and to a lesser extent FLL, MCO, and SJU). It might be time to stop talking about JetBlue and start talking about the legacy carriers who have in the past ten years been re-focused on growing the "high-yield connecting passenger" (when they realized their non-stop traffic from hubs was pretty saturated). AA to Philadelphia, UA to Chicago, DL to Detroit (or Atlanta, though I disagree with Bill and think you want the closest hub for domestic travelers), and possibly Southwest to BWI all have a ton more potential than attempting to fix a connecting flight for a low-cost, mostly point-to-point airline. The lack of a 50- or 76-seat aircraft for JetBlue is also a major issue, as is AA not putting an aircraft equipped with a Cat III ILS on the route.


commented on 2018-11-08 10:05:39

Took this flight this morning - on time and really quick! Was a treat to not have to battle into Boston

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