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Getting Better, But A Long Way To Go

The Good

JetBlue daily flights to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale continue to be strong, with loads consistently over 80%. If they ever changed the time to the morning,which we assumed they would do when CAT III was installed, the loads would surely increase. Maybe even justify bringing in the Airbus A321 (150), replacing the Embraer 190 (100 seats)

American Airlines two daily flights to their hub in Philadelphia are as strong as the two Jetblue flights to Florida, if not stronger. If they had implemented their initial schedule, it would have been an abysmal failure. Kudos to American for listening, making changes and having success in Worcester!!!

The Bad

JetBlue's one flight to their hub at JFK is floundering with loads under 50%. This flight will never reach it's potential until a 2nd mid-day turn is added. If we had two flights per day like American has and Delta will, these two flights would also have loads over 80%.

American planes are not able to use our CAT III landing system and currently their pilot are not trained to to use CAT II landing minimums. As a result we have seen a few cancellations/diversions when we have bad weather, while JetBlue's fleet that can utilize CAT III lands. The good news here is that Piedmont, the regional American Airline flying into Worcester, will have their pilots CAT II trained within one year.

Delta needs to learn from American, who made changes after their initial announcement. Please fly to Atlanta not Detroit!!

Another rumor has Delta flying to Gulf Coast, not confirmed yet.

We need a Florida Gulf Coast destination and Myrtle Beach direct flights from Worcester desperately. Airlines like Allegiant and Frontier marketing plan targets airports like Worcester with these destinations, why do we not have these airlines here???

Our Airport Director saying he is happy with 40% loads on the Jetblue flight to JFK. We still can not get over that one.

The Very Ugly

Rectrix has been a huge disapointment. Not only has the Baltimore/Sarasota flight never materialized and we highly doubt it ever will, where are all the corporate jets that call Worcester their home?? Remember when they were suppose to move their corporate fleet to Worcester?

Hearing rumors that Rectrix is in fact for sale and may have even been sold last week-stay tuned!! This has been confirmed by multiple sources and makes alot of sense considering their poor performance here.

ILS (Instrument Landing System) was done again this week-end which you need for CAT III. As a result JetBlue flights were diverted to Boston yesterday and American cancelled. This is the second time this has happened in the past 3 months. Why does this keep happening in Worcester??? Then when done it takes days to get back on-line. Add in no mechanic on duty for morning flight to NYC and we can only say #wecandobetter.

UPS is looking into a 200 million dollar facility in Grafton ??? They are currently being pushed out of Boston's Logan Airport, why not move their operations at Logan to Worcester and build a plant on the airport not in Grafton!

Marketing plan remains non-existent. Forget about people in Central Massachusetts, there are people in Worcester that have no idea about the flights currently being flown by JetBlue and American. Please hire Denis Leary!!

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User Comments


commented on 2018-10-28 14:59:31

Not convinced A320 is better, I far prefer to compete with 100 passengers on E190 trying to to get through TSA than 150 passengers on A320. Better to get more flights than bigger plane


commented on 2018-10-29 05:12:21

Bernie, if that was the case JetBlue would fly all E190s. The A320 is far more profitable on a long route like that and would bring prices down a bit. Settling for E190s would be the same as being content with 40 percent loads.


commented on 2018-10-29 16:22:09

Dylan you beat me to it. The cost per seat to operate the Airbus (150) is much less then the Embraer (100). It is in our best interest for jetBlue to be profitable here, which means the Airbus assuming of course we can fill it. We think you would if times were earlier.


commented on 2018-10-31 06:44:06

Flying AA on the 5:43am run tomorrow (Thursday). Just checked in and was pleased to see that the flight is already 82% full (45/55 seats).

Dan Levitan

commented on 2018-11-01 01:02:46

UPS is eyeing Grafton due to its proximity to the CSX rail yard. As a primarily ground-based operation, building a major hub next to Worcester Airport makes little to no sense at all even if they were to begin flying into ORH, which they most certainly will not given their large footprint in MHT and BDL. In addition to the railyard proximity you also have easy access to I-90 and I-495, something Worcester Airport location cannot provide. A UPS hub anywhere near the airport is as realistic as direct service to LHR or CDG.

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