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American Planes Not Able To Utilize CAT III

Remember when CAT III was installed, which enables planes to land with basically no visibility? This coincided with the start of service to JetBlue's hub in NYC (JFK) and we thought that these planes would be full now that nobody had to worry about cancellations.

Problem, however, has been the schedule is not that good. As a result, flights have only been at 40% loads.

Now we American starting with a great schedule to their hub in Philadelphia and the sales have been excellent. We were actually thinking this would be the "game changer" that we had hoped CAT III and the JetBlue flight to NYC was going to be.

Problem, however, is that American planes (Embraer 145) can not take advantage of our CAT III landing system. As a result, this past Sunday and Monday night we had fog and American was diverted to Bradley, which also means there was not outbound flight to Philadelphia Monday and Tuesday morning.

Good news is that we are being told American is in the process of getting CAT II approved for their operations. If they had this approved then they may have been able to land the couple night, although we have not had that confirmed.

Trying to get a comment from American/Piedmont. Stay tuned.

** Update: JetBlue flies the Embraer 190, which are CAT III capable.
** Update: We are also hearing American will be approved for CAt II landing soon at Worcester Airport, although nobody from American/Piedmont has commented.

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User Comments

Common Sense

commented on 2018-10-09 11:34:25

Not a good thing that the AA flights just got off the ground and they're already getting negative PR. In order for commercial air service to work at ORH we must win back some fliers who have been screwed over (and sometimes left with worthless tickets) by former airlines. Some people might forgo flying out of the other four major airport in our area for the sake of convenience (cheap parking, easier check in times). It's way too early, but if our catchment area doesn't see ORH as reliable then all bets are off. We all had our reservations about the AA planes not being CAT III capable. I almost think it might have been better to hold off on these flights until they were CAT II or CAT II. Just my opinion.


commented on 2018-10-09 14:54:55

Common Sense, trust us, we did not want to post this but the truth is the truth. That said we believe American, although unconfirmed, are close to being able to be approved for CAT II. This would help alot.

Common Sense

commented on 2018-10-09 17:29:21

I don't fault you for your reporting. It's better to get the kinks out now rather than let them linger on. Besides, the T&G made the cancellations their lead story (at least in the online edition).

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