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JetBlue's One Flight To Their Hub Can Not Succeed

Interesting section from Cyrus moulton column this past Sunday.

Bill Randell, who publishes the Fly ORH website and blog, also cited concerns about the JetBlue flights to JFK. Mr. Davis said the flights are, on average, 40 percent full.

“JetBlue to NYC should be cranking, people should be using that a lot more than they are,” Mr. Randell said, advocating that the airline add a second flight a day to and from Worcester.

Mr. Davis said that, while he would of course like to see the flights gain in popularity, JetBlue is happy with the flights. “If they’re satisfied, I’m satisfied,” Mr. Davis said. ,

Although we question that JetBlue would ever be happy with 40% loads!!! More disturbing to us is that our Airport Director is happy with 40% loads with this flight??? This is absolutely horrible and carriers will not keep flights at these levels!!

Why is JetBlue struggling with this flight?

The main reason is that you can not have only one flight to a hub and expect people to use this flight to make connections to other destinations. You need at least two flights per day.

Evidently JetBlue agrees since everywhere else JetBlue flies to their hub from the Northeast, they have at least two flights per day. American must also realize this since they will starting their service Thursday to their hub in Philadelphia with two flights per day, not one!!

Check out the times for these two carriers to their hubs.

American- 2 flights

5:41 AM ORH to Philly 7:09AM

2:35 PM Philly to ORH 4:14PM
4:39 PM ORH to Philly 6:09 PM

9:30 PM Philly to ORH 10:57PM

JetBlue- 1 flight

6:04AM ORH to JFK 7:00AM
10:45PM JFK to ORH 11:45Pm

Which carrier would you use to make a connection? Seventeen (17) hours between flights is simply too long and leades to comments on our Facebook page like this "Keith Rexford: The departure and the return are horrible add a couple of more flights at a more realistic time and it will be succesful".

American is going to do great and will average 80+ loads with their new service, while JetBlue, although our Airport Director is happy, will flounder until they add a mid-day turn.

We believe that as American performs well with these two flights that it will pressure JetBlue to add a 2nd JFK flight. At least we hope so...

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User Comments

Tim MacDonald

commented on 2018-10-02 14:50:50

The new American service will be a great addition and hope it does have 80% plus loads. I will use it to fly into Palm Beach to visit my dad in the winter. As far as getting the word out, one of my employee's asked me about more airlines serving the airport. I told her AA was starting with Delta next year. She said she is going to a wedding in the Carolina's and didn't know that American will be starting service this week so when she book her flight she used Southwest out of Boston connecting in Atlanta then flying back north to one of the Carolinas. She found out when somebody in her wedding party book a quicker cheaper flight out of ORH. So I hope the word can get out. Any way I welcome in American and look forward to using the soon.

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