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Allegiant And Frontier

Everyone gets excited when the legacy airlines, like American and Delta, make the annoucements to fly out of Worcester. We do too but the pressure is also on Worcester to fill these planes ro we look bad, if we have low loads. Can you say Jetblue to their hub in NYC (JFK)!!

We estimate that the average load to JFK is now under 40%! We have talked about this often and feel this flight has problems outside our control:

1) one turn per day
2) bad schedule
3) no marketing

Now we have American coming next month to to their hub in Philadelphia:

1) two turns per day
2) good schedule

Still feel that there is a huge problem with marketing. Less then 20 days till first flight, anyone see any marketing??? If this flight fails, we will really have nobody to blame!! More good then bac with this flight. If we do not fill these American flights, however, do you really think Delta will come here next August with a flight to their hub in Detroit??

For the record we feel these flights will do well. It will be interesing to see what JetBlue does with their JFK flight, if American does well. Do they add the 2nd turn to make it successful or will they pull the flight?? Right now we have alot riding on American!!!

Another way to market Worcester Airport is to simply get more airlines to fly out of Worcester Aiport. Although they are not legacy airlinines, low cost carries like Allegiant and Frontier would be perfect for Worcester Airport.

Allegiant has big hubs in both St Pete's and Punta Gorda, Gulf Coast destinations, that would be perfect compliments to Jetblue's daily service to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and Orlando (MCO). Not to mention flights to Myrtle Beach.

Frontier, on the other hand, has 54 cities that they fly to Orlando. We think that the Orlando market is large enough, that they could make Worcester their 55th city and have success. By the way, Frontier has 100 destinations total and are expanding!!

Imagine having 3 airlines (JetBlue-Allegiant-Frontier) all having direct flights to both Florida coasts. That would be very good marketing for Worcester Airport and help the legacy carriers with their flights to their hubs.

These carriers are not Direct Air and we should agressively pursing them to come here.

FOOTNOTE: Both these airlines fly out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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