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Look Forward To It

The week before the American announcement we met with the Telegram about writing a column called FlyORH. In the end we were told no, because they did not see alot of news coming from the aiport and they did not feel we had enough sources that would go on the record.

Friday we received a phone call from a Telegram reporter, Cyrus Moulton, who is doing a column Sunday on transportation including the airport. Found it funny that there is in fact alot of news coming from the airport and the Telegram reaches out to us, who have "no sources", for comments.

Putting all of this aside we look forward to reading the column and hope to see some answers to our questions , which we sent to the Andy Davis, over a month ago.

Here are some of the things we discussed with Cyrus:

1) We would not have any of the commercial services that we have right now without Massport.
2) We feel, however, we should be doing alot better and providing real relief to Boston.
3) JetBlue JFK flight is a failure right now and one turn to a hub simply will not work.
4) American , on the other hand, has two turns to their hub, good pricing and schedule. We feel that will have success.
5) We have no opinion on Delta not having any idea what their schedule or pricing will be next August.
5) Marketing of the airport has been horrible and needs to improve dramtically.
6) Road access is not holding back ORH.

Check in tomorrow. We will post our comments after reading the column.

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Business Traveler

commented on 2018-09-15 09:04:35

I wholeheartedly agree that the JFK flight needs a second turn, at least. I posted previously about my second time trying to use this ORH-JFK flight, and getting stranded a second time. That is a 100% failure rate for me so my next Chicago flight is through Logan (ugh, but necessary). Just having a second flight to and from JFK would have me using Worcester for the next 4 flights that I have in 40 days. I had originally booked all of them through ORH but rebooked al to BOS. I REALLY Prefer ORH, even with the connection, but it was proven that the current schedule will fail me, so I can't. I really hope that this gets addressed. And I agree that lack of an airport road is no longer a hindrance. Everyone has a smartphone and a GPS app (or 3). And for a 6 am flight, there is no traffic.


commented on 2018-09-15 09:19:48

Based on those questions, all the reporter is looking for is your opinion. You don't need to contact any sources for your opinion.


commented on 2018-09-15 10:16:49

Wayne: Our point was that you do not reach out to someone for an opiniom, if they do not have good sources. We were flattered that Cyrus called.


commented on 2018-09-15 10:28:49

Great comments lately by "Common Sense" and "Business Traveler". On the other hand "Wayne" continues with no common sense.


commented on 2018-09-15 17:23:23

Bill: Continuing to delete my comments makes for zero common sense on your part.

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