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Feel Better Today

We still do not understand why we have announcements, one year before the flight starts without any schedule? We really need to stop these... Our biggest concern, however, after yesterday was that it would only be one flight to Detroit...

As JFK has proven, one flight to a hub simply can not be successful as loads on this flight are dropping. Right now we estimate loads are around 40% to JFK, when the average for JetBlue are in the mid 80's. Just do not see JetBlue keeping this flight with these loads, especially when they are in cost cutting mode.

Good news!!! Check out this video and Ed Frenni at the 3 minute mark... Looks like 2 flights per day!!!

Now we are starting to realize how important American will be, when it starts. This absolutly poistively needs to succeed. We have an excuse now with JetBlue, saying it is only once per day...

If American fails???

It will end up looking like we can only support direct leisure flights to places like Florida, Puerto Rico, Myrtle Beach, etc.

FOOTNOTE Our questions that we sent to the Airport Director go unanswered.

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User Comments

Common Sense

commented on 2018-08-29 09:27:41

I think their one year delay serves them two purposes. First, it allows them to get their foot in the door possibly discouraging other airlines from coming here (due to fear of oversaturation). It also gives them a year to monitor the response to the JFK and PHI flights. I agree that the success of the AA flights might make or break ORH.


commented on 2018-08-29 09:44:17

Good points Common Sense


commented on 2018-08-29 10:09:49

Maybe they just wanted to do the announcement ahead of the retirement of the Massport official? And the elections in November?


commented on 2018-08-29 12:31:02

its obvious why they announced so early. they had to because it was getting leaked! and the massport and political leadership needs to be ahead of the message to get the facts right. i.e. not staring in January, as you assumed, rather August.


commented on 2018-08-29 12:51:49

Johnson, again you tell us that nobody listens to us because we are not "real news" or dare I say "fake news". Now you accuse us of being the reason this announcement was made premature??? So evidently people do listen to us??? How about this for a better question, what are you doing "Johnson" to turn the numbers around on the JetBlue JFK flight.

Guest Blogger

commented on 2018-08-29 13:14:00

That’s giving this lowly blog as one airport official named it quite a bit of credit. Have we been wrong yet? The January timetable was up until now named by many sources. Don’t be fooled by the amount of people you may think that contribute to this blog - it’s far more than you’d believe for sure. JFK has 25% presales this next month according to their booking system which has accurately gave us estimates for Florida for years. This flight clearly needs a drastic change but stay tuned to the blog as something pretty eye opening was announced today that pretty much guarantees we aren’t probably ever getting a second flight and JFK is as good as done.

Tim MacDonald

commented on 2018-08-29 14:19:40

Why not have Cape Air begin flights to JFK. It could work with the code share they have with jetBlue. Cape Air will be flying this route from both Hyannis and Nantucket this fall.


commented on 2018-08-29 14:58:25

Tim, using 9 seat airplanes is not and should not be what these airlines turn to to correct a pathetic market. JetBlue is clearly sitting on a slot with this Cape Air ACK-JFK flight. As others mentioned above, this service is basically saying that JetBlue is better off using a VALUABLE slot during the middle of the day on a 9 seat aircraft than another flight to JFK. What I’m saying is that this JFK flight with ORH is clearly doomed only 4 months after it has commenced. Time to start a ORH-RSW route on JetBlue in time for the WooSox to fly down to spring training in Ft. Myers.

Guest Blogger

commented on 2018-08-29 16:08:11

Hey Tim! Good question. Cape Air has said in the past they’re not interested in ORH in the least when Bill has asked them. Plus for the route to make money it needs to make up for cost of doing business plus the slot allocation. It would be like flying a 9 seat aircraft from the cape to LaGuardia and expect to make money regardless of how many people are on it. Maybe 50 seat aircraft a couple times a day from a carrier like delta would work but JFK as it is now is setting historically bad precedents. 17 people flew out this morning. As Shane told you - JetBlue sent a pretty clear message today. A 9 seat aircraft once a day is more valuable than improving anything in and out of Worcester.

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