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We Need To Wait For The Actual Schedule

We wait to see the actual schedule, but we highly doubt that they will make the same mistake American did with their initial announcement to Philadelphia. Although we wish it was Atlanta, this is still a big win for Worcester.

We will have three major airlines flying to their hub every day:

1) JetBlue to NYC (JFK)
2) American to Philadelphia
3) Delta to Detroit

That is pretty dam good!!!

Massport now how about a marketing plan???? Not the Twitter hashtag #WhyIFlyORH!!

Why not hire Worcester's own Denis Leary as a spokeman and start a "Why We Don't Suck'!! This campaign would be awesome...

For the record, we have been saying this for months, check our blog..

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Common Sense

commented on 2018-08-28 00:00:49

In my 47 years of following ORH I don't remember any airline that has succeeded with flying to hubs. The only ones that have somewhat done well are "direct flights" to FL. The poor response to the JFK flights is a good example of this. If you can't get passengers from ORH to fly to a hub that is one of the busiest international airports in the world why would you expect people to connect through PHI or DET. You claim that everything is different now that Massport owns ORH. At the same time you fault Massport for management decisions and demand that Mr. Davis meet with you (like you're the Grand Jury). You can't have it both ways. I admire you for your efforts to improve our community, but you're betting on a losing horse.

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