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More Good News Then Bad


Before we getting accused of being negative.

American Airlines initially came out with their annuncement to have one flight starting in Philadelphia leaving at 8:00AM then returning at 9:30AM. We recommended that we should not even accept the flight and that it was going to fail mserably. Despite many people telling us to be quiet, we did not and luckily American listened, changed the times of this one flight to what we recommended and actually added a second turn.

Being realistic is not negative!!! We are not cheerleaders.

The Good

Although we would like to see earier times and potentially the A320 (150 seats), versus the current Embraer 190 (100 seats), JetBlue should be happy with these flights. In November the flights to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando will be 5 years old and consistently average between 80 and 90 percent loads. These flights are a success.

American Airlines has a great schedule with two flights per day to their hub in Philadelphia starting in October. From what we have heard slaes have been brisk and we think this will be a success.

Upcoming announcement on Tuesday, which we believe will be Delta to Detroit. For now we will hold our judgement, until we still the schedule but have high hopes.

The Bad

Sorry, but JFK is not doing better. Looking at JetBlue website, we see the loads dropping close to 40% percent load this month and next month even looks worse. There is no way JetBlue will keep this flight with loads like this. It is not over yet and we have time to make changes, but we need to admit there are problems and make changes?

Rectrix flights to the Cape have not been a success and there is no way we will ever see a flight to Baltimore.

Allegiant, which would be perfect here, with flights to Myrtle Beach, St Pete's and Punta Gorda continues to add destinations everywhere, except Worcester.

The Ugly

The Airport Director responds to none of our questions.

Advertising of the airport itself continues to be a huge problem. Other the Twitter hashtage #WhyIFlyORH, there seems to be no clear marketing plan for the airport.


JetBlue is doing well with two flights to Florida and we feel American with two flights per day to their hub in Philadelphia will be a success as well. Lets hope we make some changes to the JFK flight and we need to wait and see what the announcement is Tuesday.

We have a pretty good base right now, we just need to keep building on it.

Comment From facebook Page Regarding JFK flightl

The return JFK flight has to be earlier to avoid all the delays and cancellations. We flew the morning JFK flight in May on our way to Aruba. My parents flew direct to Aruba from Logan. We left our houses at the same time. Even with the layover at JFK we were in Aruba before them. The return flight, well that’s a different story. We ended up paying $300 to avoid any possible delays and flew direct back to Logan. Glad we did as the flight was cancelled. We’re really looking forward to American. Delta will add west coast options which is great. As much as I am anti Spirit, I think they could make a run at a Myrtle flight. All in all, the airport has potential. Mass port will do everything in their power to make it work. I look forward to seeing some changes for the best in the future

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donald simpson

commented on 2018-08-27 02:55:33

to be honest, you are being a grump,

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