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We Only Want Worcester Airport To Be Succcessul

INow we just wait for the answers

When JetBlue started service in November of 2013, an application was submitted to the DOT for a Small Community Air Service Development Grant in the summer of 2013. Click here to review . If you look at pages 10 and 11, it appears that things have gone to plan.

Florida flights:
These flights seem to be doing very well in the 80-90 load range.
1) Are there any plans to change the times from the afternoon to the morning?
2) Do you see the A320 (150 seats) replacing the Embraer 190 (100 seats) ?

JFK Flight:
This is a new flight and it seems, in our opinion, to be struggling.
3) What have the loads been on this flight?
4) Do you think this route, which has at least two turns to JFK from any other NorthEastern destination, can be successful with only one turn per day?

5) This past Saturday and Sunday, both inbound flights were cancelled due to fog. It appears, that since the Tower closes at 1AM, CAT III can not work without it thus the cancellations. Is this correct?
6) If true, can we get the tower to stay open past 1AM, when it is foggy and we need CAT III to land?

American, Delta & Moxy

7) We are very excited about American coming to Worcester Airport and feel that they will have great success here with two flights per day to Philadelphia. What is your biggest concern?

8) We know that you can not talk about potential carriers and routes, but if Delta were to come to Worcester would you rather see a flight to Atlanta or Detroit?

9) Dave Neeleman is starting a new airlines, Moxy. They would be a great fit, can we invite him to Worcester Airport?


10) You referred to Worcester as a reliever airport for Hanscom's General Aviation business. We think that this can become a reality; however, right now 81 corporate jets call Hansom home, while Worcester has 1. Do you really think we are a reliever airport for Hanscom?

11) You also mentioned Rectrix will begin their Baltmore service next year, what it the projected start date for this service?

12) Friday night (August 17th) inbound canceller. To date 21% of the JFK inbound flights have been either cancelled (12%) or landed (9%) after 1:30am. You mentioned on the radio that the on time performance was better in Worcester, then other cities. What cities are doing worse then this?

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