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Overall Is Very Good

It is good!!

Many many years ago the first goal every of FlyORH was to get JetBlue to fly to their hub in NYC (JFK). We felt that this flight would attract 3 markets:

1) business travelers connecting to other destinations on the JetBlue route map.
2) leisure travelers connecting to other destinations on the the JetBlue route map.
3) business and leisure travelers going to NYC.

Getting this flight along with our new CAT III landing system, we felt this fight was going to a be a huge success. Sadly, this is not the case. Nobody is more disappointed then us. Since the first flight, we have made 4 recommendations to turn this flight around:

1) Have a mechanic on duty for the the AM flight to NYC, not be required to make it ORH within 45 minutes.
2) Keep CAT III "in service" as much as possible
3) Create a marketing plan for the flight
4) Start a mid-day turn to NYC

Many people have seen our comments as being "negative"? At this point we are going to stop commenting on this flight as loads our starting to hover around 40% load factor. We will let all the "positive" people tell you all is going great with this flight.

Instead we want to focus on the positive and there is alot to be excited about:


As the new owner of Worcester Airport, they have invested over 100 million into the infrastructure of ORH. Most important of which was 30 million spent on a CAT III landing system, which enable planes to land with virtually no visibility (fog). None of this ever would have been done, if Worcester Airport was still owned by the taxpayers of Worcester.

JetBlue Direct to Florida

Although we feel the times should be changed to earlier times in the day, that would appeal more to families traveling to Disney or passengers making connections, these routes are still performing consistently over 80%. Considering these flights started in November of 2013, we think it is fair to say these flights are a success for JetBlue.

American Airlines to Philadelphia

Now that they have decided to fly early to Philadelphia with a late night return and have added a mid-day turn, these two flights to the American hub in Philadelphia is starting to look like it will do well in Worcester.

Today on our Instagram Account, we featured flying out of Worcester to Philadelphia then connecting to West Palm for $322 round trip.

The destinations that you can reach from Philadelphia starting in Worcester is amazing, both domestic and international.


We believe that they will be starting service by January of 2019. We hope that:

1) it is Atlanta, not detroit
2) their schedule mirrors American to Philadelphia, not JetBlue to JFK


Worcester Airport has come a long way since Massport took over ownership, is doing very well and we should be very excited about American starting service in October. Lets hope Delta does in fact come to Worcester and decides to fly to Atlanta !!

We only hope that someone will address the problems with the JetBlue JFK route. If they do not, this flight will not be here next year.

FOOTNOTE: Ironically tonight NYC flight (676) not coming in at not coming in at 11:41PM, but 3:00AM. We know there were thunderstorms and many flights were delayed on East Coast, but when you only have one flight this is really late return.

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User Comments


commented on 2018-07-15 17:55:17

Still do not know what went into jfk scheduling. The overwhelming majority of people who fly business are time constrained. I bet the only people on these planes are connecting for leisure which would explain the deplorable figures so far


commented on 2018-07-15 19:02:01

We have already lost the business traveler. Majority of tickets are leisure to NYC, with some leisure connections.


commented on 2018-07-15 19:02:06

We have already lost the business traveler. Majority of tickets are leisure to NYC, with some leisure connections.

Common Sense

commented on 2018-07-15 20:22:06

Are we going to have the same mechanic issue with the AA flights? Delta might hold off for a while to get a better grasp on the public's response to the JFK and PHI flights. They did offer flights from ORH at two different times (including Atlanta) that were canceled due to low ridership.

For Common Sense

commented on 2018-07-16 00:35:44

Decades ago. This is 2018. Industry and demographics have changed immensely since then. Not sure why you can’t grasp that fact.

Common Sense

commented on 2018-07-16 09:56:47

It's like opening a new restaurant that you had to close after one year because people wouldn't dine there. Are you going to open up a new restaurant five years later at the same location and with the same menu? Don't think Massport ,the DOT and the governor aren't coming up with a Plan B if Worcester can't take off. A new airport off of I-190 would bring thousands of new jobs to the area. There would be new hotels, restaurants and retail stores. It would reinvigorate our public transportation system. You could expand the Worcester Airport Industrial Park to the land now occupied by ORH. That would create thousands of jobs as well. The new revenue that a second major airport would generate for Massport would more than make up for the $100 million hit they would take. A win-win for everyone.


commented on 2018-07-16 15:02:39

A new airport in MA would require decades to be opened to traffic. It is just not going to happen. Also, Logan has 6 runaways, I am sure you can increase the number of passengers quite a bit with upgrades to airport buildings. Maybe it will happen whit a big increase in sea level.

Just Another Opinion

commented on 2018-07-16 20:35:55

An airport off of I-190 will never happen. In theory it may have been a good idea years ago but nowadays no way. For starters, the land that would be needed isn't available. Just because you look a satellite image and see swaths of land you forget about things such as conservation lands and restrictions, of which I see several of along the I-190 corridor. Second, the NIMBY's of Lancaster, Sterling, Princeton, etc. would tie this thing up in court for years. It would be easier for the state to just build an access off the turnpike for ORH. All that being said, the state, Massport, the airlines really need to up their game with advertising and getting the word out. I have friends that live a couple of towns East of Worcester and they recently were telling me about an upcoming trip to Orlando. I asked if they were flying out of Worcester and just got a puzzled look from them. They thought the airport went under after Direct Air went bust. I drive through Worcester pretty frequently and can only recall one instance where there was a JetBlue billboard along I-290. No one except my grandmother reads the newspaper anymore with any regularity so they need to change their advertising strategy. We have family in the Philadelphia area and I can remember flying out of Worcester a couple of times a year to visit them. Will definitely be giving the AA flight to Philly a try. Heck, we even flew Direct Air to West Palm Beach once. Would have been twice but they went bust 2 days before we were supposed to fly out. If the rumors about Delta are true, that would be great. We fly on Delta for about 75% of our travel. I agree that Atlanta would be better than Detroit but I've flown through Detroit before and it's not all bad. ORH could be successful but when you have people like my friends who live about 10 miles from Worcester and have no idea that there are flights there to Florida then maybe there is a problem..........

Common Sense

commented on 2018-07-16 21:41:29

Your right about neighborhood opposition. I think it took Logan 30 years to get the approval to build their 5,000 ft. commuter plane runway. Why Massport would invest $100 million to rebuild our airport without putting much into ads is beyond me. I hope they realize how high the stakes are. If JB pulls their JFK flight and AA has a poor response it's quite possible that it will be the final nail in the coffin for commercial service at ORH.

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