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No Business Travelers, Few Connections

When American had their initial announcement, we said right away the flight was guaranteed to fail. In fact, we recommended that we should refuse the flight, since it will only fail and hurt us as structured.

Everyone told us, including the airport mgmt to shut up, let the flight come, fail and then American will make changes??? Luckily we did not listen and complained vehemently.

American listened and changed the one flight to depart early from Worcester and return late and added a mid-day turn, which we did not even ask for. Now we understand the importance of this 2nd shuttle.

Our biggest regret now is that we should have done the same thing, when JetBlue announced their JFK shuttle service. One flight per day for a shuttle simply is not going to get a business traveler to take the flight, especially when there is no mechanic on duty for the morning flight and the flight returns soo late. Not to mention the leisure traveler trying to make connections.

As a result the JFK flight has become a leisure flight to NYC. We have business travelers and few making connections because of the aforementioned problems. CAT III makes a huge difference at ORH, but it can not overcome bad scheduling and no mechanic being on duty only be required to get here within 45 minutes.

Ask yourself this, how many secondary cities in the Northeast fly one shuttle to JetBlue's hub in JFK? The answer is only Worcester!! Put another way where does one shuttle by JetBlue to their hub at JFK work? The answer is no where.

Do not get is wrong!! Massport is the best thing that ever happened to Worcester Airport and the taxpayers of Worcester. And the flight itself is great!!


Massport needs to give us a chance to help them get a return on their investment and help us actually provide some relief to Logan. Daily direct leisure flights to Florida and potentially Puerto Rico work, but one shuttle per day to JFK is guaranteed to do neither.

You can say whatever you want about FlyORH, but numbers do not lie. Loads are no increasing, they are decreasing. Why even bother having this one flight to JFK? Pull it now and give us more direct leisure destinations and we will look at American to Philadelphia, with their two flights per day, as a potential option for the business traveler or leisure traveler making connections.

COMMON SENSE only tells us that asking Massport/JetBlue to bring a 2nd JFK is only good business, not begging. Watching this one flight per day implode is painful and bad for business and the reputation of Worcester Airport.

Either end it now or add a 2nd turn. We hope JetBlue/Massport add the 2nd turn..

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commented on 2018-07-10 20:27:56

Really appreciate your concern Bill no one can argue your passion for the airport. Seems to me that its not a matter of if but when this flight will get pulled. Think about it there is no doubt these flights dont work without multiple flights but it is not worth it to JetBlue to waste slots at JFK either. If they add other destinations it may be a sign they are preparing to replace JFK with additional cities. May be a good thing for ORH because even I admitted E190s are a large plane to start the first business routes in over 10 years with.


commented on 2018-07-11 10:13:35

Some god points, but suggesting that JetBlue pull their JFK flight would be a bad move for a number of reasons. 1. Its only been operating for 2 months. I think people got the false impression that new service starts with heavy loads like the Florida flights had. But in reality, it takes time to build a following in a new market. 2. Few business travelers. Ok, maybe because theres no afternoon return. So keep the flight for the connecting opportunities and an option for Florida. If you want to get an early start, connect in the morning. If you need to put a day of work in, catch the afternoon non stop. If you want more time at the beach, take the late connection home. If you want the kids in their beds at home early, take the non stop. So, this is how we can make it work. If the flight doesn't work for business, lets support it for leisure, fill it, then they add a second flight. Now, the morning is filled with leisure passengers, so what does JetBlue have to do? Put an A320 on to accommodate business and leisure passengers. I think JetBlue knows how to run their airline, and I'm sure theres a number of reasons why they are not quick to add a 2nd flight, crew availability, aircraft availability, more profitable markets to use their assets. But one sure way to get a 2nd flight is to keep the 1st and fill it. BTW they are swapping the E190s out for A220s over the next couple years, so I'm sure that is going to complicate their route planning. Bottom line is we need to remind ourselves its only been 2 months. Lets not be so quick to judge. Like what was done with the reliability of the flight in the first few weeks. How's it been lately?........ Crickets. So ill say it. Its been great. But your readers only know about the first few weeks. How about giving them an update? that might help the bookings to go up. Thanks. JoePat


commented on 2018-07-11 10:19:12

Great comments today. Obviously we do not want the JFK flight to be pulled, but we feel that it is in big trouble. If we can not get a 2nd flight in the short-term. Can we at least have a friggin mechanic on duty!!!! Yesterday one of the FL flgihts was delayed waiting for the mechanic to come in, does that mean we never have a mechanic on duty at ORH!!!???? It is one thing for the Fl flgiths to be delayed but when we want people to fly to JFK to make connections, we can not afford not to have a mechanic on duty. It is so friggin ridiculous that we do not have a GD mechanic on duty!!!!????


commented on 2018-07-11 14:10:12

I don't want to be a Debby Downer, but having a mechanic on duty, standing by is not going to happen at any small airport. I did the math. If JetBlue did that for say, one hour per flight at say $125/hr for an A&P mechanic, that's over $11.000 per month and 99% of the time, they won't be needed. A 45 minute response time doesn't mean they will show up 45 minutes from the call. Most times they'll be there in less than 10 minutes. And at KORH its a 1 minute drive from Rectrix to the gate. When I worked for USAir in CLT, the hangar was about a mile drive away. And I would always get stuck on the VSR behind a bag tug. At best, I would get to the gate 20 minutes later. God forbid I needed a part from Stores. That would mean another 20 minutes. At Worcester, that's a minute away. So, at the end of the day, it takes just as long at big airports with their own mechanics on duty as small airports with on call. You said one of the fla flights took a mechanical yesterday? they've had on call maintenance for those flights for 5 years. It hadnt hurt their reputation yet. Please accept that this is normal business at small airports, and does not make good business sense to do what you recommend.


commented on 2018-07-11 14:42:45

JPAT, we do not l believe there is any mechanic at the FBO (Rectrix). The mechanic literally has to drive in and takes 45 minutes to get to the airport.


commented on 2018-07-17 15:28:35


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