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Take A Break From JFK Flight

For now we need to take a break from the JFK flight. These 30% loads are killing us, especially after flying it and seeing how great it is. There are only so many times you can say:

1) Mechanic on duty for the AM flight
2) Marketing
3) 2nd JFK flight

Nothing changes except the loads, that only go down. The only loads were are beating right now is the ridership on the WRTA.

We need to take a break and shift to the positive. Fort Lauderdale and Orlando are still consistently in the 80+ range approaching the completion of JetBlue 5th year with these flights in Worcester. We even think these loads could exceed 90%, if we switched to an earlier times.

Unlike the JFK flight, which seems to be oblivious to any criticism, American listened and made changes to their initial announcement. The early morning flight now starts in Philadelphia and returns later at night as we suggest. Not only did they listen to this recommendation, they added a mid-day turn!!

We have been looking at flight options and prices and it is pretty dam good. It kills us to say this after JetBlue has made such a huge commitment to Worcester, but if we were going to fly out of Worcester to connect to another destination in October?? It will be pretty hard not to pick American over JetBlue.

This week will be all about American. They are going to do well at Worcester Airport.

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commented on 2018-07-08 15:27:29

JetBlue likes to enter new markets by flying an E190 to an outstation and leaving it there for a night (e.g. BOS-SYR). They also don't have the 50-seater E145s that AA has (AA is entering the market with 100 seats roundtrip per day, same as JetBlue). The only conceivable way I see that JetBlue adds a second, mid-day flight is if Massport incentivizes them somehow, such as with slots or terminal redevelopment at Logan. Otherwise you don't add capacity to a price-sensitive, low-yielding market.


commented on 2018-07-08 15:35:37

VFR could not agree with you more about Massport having to come up with incentives to add 2nd NYC flight. Think they will do exactly that.


commented on 2018-07-08 17:47:56

I've been a long time follower of your blog. Back when and had fun things like posters and videos contests to entice airlines. Now, it's kind of morphed into making recommendations on how best to grow it. So, I feel its time for me to speak up. Especially after I read the last comment about massport incentives. It made me think of something. Doesn't Massport already incentivize airlines to come? Didn't Massport shell out money to Worcester to buy a money losing airport? Hasn't Massport already put millions and millions of dollars into the airport? Why do we keep running to the Massport feeding trough? Look at it this way. Massport brought a guest to dinner. But who are the hosts? The City of Worcester, the major businesses, the colleges, and yes..... the residents. Because aren't all of them the ones who will benefit with more flights? So, Massport brings their guests to the table. WHERE's THE FOOD? Why do we keep running to Massport to dig into their pockets? Where's The Chamber of Commerce? They get jetblue tickets for their events. Time to pay if forward. Where is the City of Worcester? They got a nice chunk of change from Massport when they sold it. Where are the College Presidents. They can now attract international students with 1 connection flights? Where's Hanover, Saint Gobain, Polar, and all the big companies? They should be making an investment in the airport by having travel policies that they have to use Worcester flights on business trips as their first option? In fact, if you're not pleased with how Massport is advertising, why not ask the other state authority who is supposed to promote Massachusetts, the office of Travel and Tourism, or what about Destination Worcester. Do they even exist anymore? So, hey, stop running to Massport and pass the hat around like what's being done to attract the PawSox. And when you get the hat filled, tell all the newspapers and radio stations to match the cost of ads (they'll benefit from more flights too) and then you'll really see some marketing. I thought Massport runs airports. Where is everyone else to promote it? I feel better now. I think I'll have another pint.

Marie C

commented on 2018-07-08 19:34:35

I fly 2-4x a month for work. The jfk flight back to Worcester is so unpredictable. The lack of a mechanic and 2nd flight also make it nearly impossible for business travelers like me to rely on this flight. I’m a card carrying (literally) JetBlue member but it appears I may be switching to American in October. We need a reliable business travel airline to and from Worcester.


commented on 2018-07-09 14:47:27


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