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We do not expect all comments here to agree with us. In fact, we enjoy constructive comments that disagree with their opinion, versus those that just call us negative or attack our qualifications. "Common Sense" exemplifies what what we are talking about.

Sorry Common Sense, however, there is no way the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is going to build a new secondary airport in Sterling to be the "reliever" airport to Boston.

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Common Sense

commented on 2018-07-05 23:15:36

So what's your solution when Logan reaches full capacity? Even if the airports in NH, CT and RI can handle Logan's overflow you think our state leaders want our residents to pump money into the economies of those states? Sterling was one of the three finalists along with two sites in the Lexington/ Concord area. I'm not sure what your strategy is. You push to get these airlines into ORH and when they can't fill seats you turn on them and Massport. As for your call for more marketing, back in 1989 the city was running TV, radio and full-page print ads for the new flights. They all got cancelled due to low ridership. Start lobbying our politicians for a new airport!


commented on 2018-07-06 08:12:09

Congrats on getting featured on the highly coveted! You should take his advice and get your twitter account certified to avoid getting confused with someone trying to imitate you.


commented on 2018-07-06 08:32:06

I have a theory. "Common Sense" is actually the author of these blogs. Which is not really a bad thing. He's simply trying to entice a debate. I have no proof, but look at the pattern of the past several blogs. One of the first to comment is "Common Sense", along with "Dylan", whom I would suggest is the same person. I may be coming across as eating sour grapes because I took up the invitation to be a guest blogger and I sent an article in. But it's not getting posted. I thought I was careful so that he would not consider it to be attacking him, but I realize now why it didn't get published. I guess my questions and suggestions were to "hardball" and would have stirred too lively of a debate. "Common Sense's" comments are meant to stir a debate, but with a "softball" approach. I truly believe I drafted a good blog for your site, but if you feel any of it is offensive, I would certainly work on edits. I included my email, so feel free to send me some feedback, and I'll be happy to accept them. Our goal is mutual. To see KORH be successful and a great way to do that is to hammer out the best approach to achieving that goal. So, as any good businessmen would do, let's discuss and resolve the hard questions. Thanks! Joe Pat'

Common Sense

commented on 2018-07-06 09:57:28

For the record, Delta had flight from ORH to Atlanta in 2000 that was cancelled due to low ridership. American also had flights to LaGuardia and/ or Chicago that failed


commented on 2018-07-09 09:30:23

Um fact check Common Sense. Detla had two dailies to ATL that did so well that they added a third flight. Then 9/11 happened and dozens of secondary airports across the country saw their air service leave as demand plummeted in the months that followed. Same happened on the ORH to ORD flights on American. Eagle said ridership was great, best in the Eagle route system and then 9/11 happened. To say that these airlines simply failed at Worcester is a gross distortion of facts.


commented on 2018-07-09 14:41:16

times right. Fact checking and having all the facts is needed in these posts.


commented on 2018-07-09 14:41:17

times right. Fact checking and having all the facts is needed in these posts.

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