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JetBlue Needs To Copy Them

When American rolled out their service out for Worcester with one flight starting in Philadelphia at 8AM then returning back departing at 10:30AM, we recommended that we refuse this flight.

1) Nobody will be on the 8AM from Philadelphia.
2) We could only connect to 30+ destinations through Philadelphia with the late departure, no international destinations.
3) Of those 30 plus destination, we could only return to 20 back through Philadelphia without having to stay overnight.

American listened and changed the times to a early departure from Worcester with a late night return as we recommended. Then they added another mid-day turn, something we did not ask for, but now realize how vital it is to have at least two flights for a shuttle to a hub.

In retrospect, we should have said the same thing when JetBlue announced their shuttle service to their hub in NYC (JFK). At the time, maybe we were so happy to have achieved a goal that we we laid out ten plus years ago, that we did not look closely enough at this. Also maybe we put too much emphasis on CAT III being the end all cure all, and forgot about basic scheduling.

People are starting to look at American as an option and are buying tickets for this service that begins on October. On the other hand the JetBlue NYC (JFK) continues to flounder with less then 40 people departing on today's flight and this seems to be the norm for all of July.

We are JetBlue's number 1 fan and it hurts us to say this but this is simply a bad scheduling plan and although everyone could do a better job marketing this flight, which is non-existent, this flight simply can not succeed with a second turn. We should have been as vocal, when this was announced, as we were when American announced their initial service.

We apologize.

As we have pointed out before, JetBlue has a similar shuttle from other airports and look at how many flights they do per day.

1) Burlington: 3
2) Boston: 7
3) Buffalo: 6
4) Portland: 3
5) Rochester: 3

A shuttle flight simply can not have success with only one flight per day, as evidenced by the fact it does not exist anywhere except Worcester. Burlington, Portland and Rochester have 3 per day!! Come on Massport, you have 7 flights per day to Boston, give one so Worcester can have 2??? You still have 6 fights per day and it is not like you do not own Worcester Airport..

We simply do not get it. This flight is in big trouble and nobody seems to be doing anything about it??? On the other hand American seems to be poised for success.

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User Comments


commented on 2018-07-01 20:30:04

United just announced that they, as of September, are suspending non-stop service from Manchester to Chicago O'Hare. Should we expect you to start mentioning them as a possibility for ORH?

Common Sense

commented on 2018-07-01 22:04:47

I already booked a trip to Vegas on AA from ORH. I usually only fly non-stop, but the layover at PHI was reasonable. It scares me that all the so called experts at Massport need bloggers to help run the airport for them.


commented on 2018-07-02 07:45:02

United to ORD would be a great fit at ORH for west connections and would do infinitely better than Detroit because people would actually need to get to Chicago from Worcester unlike Detroit. JFK to this point has been a massive failure and I question how much effort is being put in to fix it. Is there anyone from New York on this plane? Getting in at midnight and leaving back home at 6 in the morning is not ideal. Big mistake.

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