Traditions limo has been driving our family back and forth to Boston for years. From prior conversations I know the owner was concerned that when air service has been at ORH, his airport business has dipped.

Up the airport today looking around and it got me thinking. Unlike Direct Air, JetBlue will be flying multiple flights per day. If we get the people we need to come to ORH to make JetBlue successful, parking will get filled up pretty fast. In fact we almost need to encourage people to get picked up dropped off and picked up when they return. FREE PARKING would actually do the opposite. First mistake of 2013!!

At the same time, I hate depending on other people to have to pick us up at the house and then pick us up when we return, so I call Phil at Tradtions. Asked him how much to pick me up in Holden and drop me off at ORH. Off the top of his head he said $30 bucks up to a family of 4 or 5.

Personally I would do it. Leave my car in the garage, door to door service. We need to work with local limo companies, put concentric circles around the City with set rates for different size vehicles and have a list or providers that agree to the fee schedule. Introductory (first 3 months) , we get these companies to come up with lower fees to kick this off!

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