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July tickets sold not even at 50%

The other day we changed our status on the NYC flight to "worried". Today we are still "worried" and maybe even "more worried".

Tonight's flight has been cancelled, which means there is no flight tomorrow morning either. Since Tuesday morning through Friday morning that will mean 3 of 7 NYC flights have been cancelled. This is really bad when you only have one flight, since you have no options other then to go to another airport.

When we have loads that are averaging around 50%, it seems crazy to suggest that we need a 2nd NYC flight to help this flight to survive, but we do. Check out how many round trips per day JetBlue has from these other cities to JFK:

1) Burlington: 3
2) Boston: 7
3) Buffalo: 6
4) Portland: 3
5) Rochester: 3

Why? You really need at least two flights for a shuttle type flight like this to a hub. American realized that and changed from one flight to two flights, when they kick off in October. Hope JetBlue can see the potential here and will add a 2nd mid-day NYC flight.

1) People would have an option if one flight cancels
2) Better chance of gettting a connecting flight
3) Attract the business traveler

The numbers for July from what I can tell look even worse then last month, numbers now in the 40% range or less. Besides JetBlue offering a 2nd NYC turn, there is plenty we can do too.

How about a mechanic on duty for outgoing NYC flights not being 45 minutes away? We also need to start an aggressive marketing campaign for not only this flight, but Worcester Airport itself.

We can turn the numbers around on this flight, but we need to be aggressive. Pretending that this flight is dong well will only ensure this Worcester to JFK flight will end.

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commented on 2018-06-28 14:05:48

Not sure what the gameplan was with only one a day. Everyone knows in order to keep a shuttle service you need atleast 2 a day. Highly doubt there’s anyone traveling from New York which is a massive mistake given the millions of people. With the 6 am departure anyone from Boston would be better off just traveling to Logan that early, it doesn’t get hectic until the plane is already in New York. Schedule is by far the most important part of service and atleast American corrected their initial mistake.

Common Sense

commented on 2018-06-29 11:33:04

I just booked a trip to Las Vegas for the first week in Nov. I'll be using AA from ORH. The Logan option was $22 more with a non-stop flight. I’m willing to fly from ORH because the layover in PHI is only 1.5 hours. The price was $1350 which includes 7 nights at the five- star Bellagio. I find this very reasonable and convenient. I just hope that there aren't any major issues with the ORH flight, as that might scare me to go back to Logan for my next trip.


commented on 2018-07-02 07:06:43

I've been very underwhelmed with the new flight to JFK from JetBlue. After five years of service and a new ILS, they have expanded just one single flight after five years. When I was on the airport commission, commercial travel was divided into two segments: business and leisure. One flight per day is leisure service. I'm not so sure we need leisure service to JFK, we need business service to JFK. US Air flew four dailies to PHL before 9/11, they come back 15 years later and announce one flight per day, granted later upped it to two per day but still half the service level. Delta to Atlanta used to be three flights per day, should we get excited if Delta comes in with a single daily to Detroit? Again, not a tourist destination so thanks for leisure service but that's not going to get business travelers using the airport. How could any airline support a service to an entire airport, rent counterspace and so forth and then have only a single flight per day? This goes for all airlines. I love JetBlue, love that they are here but this is so obviously a special favor to Mass Port for all that JetBlue gets at Logan. This once daily flight is of very little use and based upon this lousy performance, I can't in good faith book visitors on this flight. I booked my wife on American to San Fran because I hated the thought of her trapped alone in JFK overnight if the one and only flight got cancelled. JetBlue really needs to add at least one more flight and get off their cheap butts and market their service. Anything less and they are playing games to make this flight deliberately fail so they can say that they tried and still take the gain at Logan without needing to fulfill any obligation to ORH. That's just how I see it.


commented on 2018-07-02 07:50:02

Tim; Do not be so negative. LOL. Good points.

donald simpson

commented on 2018-07-09 04:22:13

your numbers are wrong out of Portland maine Portland Maine has 4 flights to JFK, not 3

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