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2 Hours At T5 Or 2 Hours Driving To BOS

Common Sense has been posting alot of comments how he prefers direct flights, versus connecting flight. Who does not prefer that???

Let me tell you two stories.

1) Couple years back I went to meet some college friends in Richmond and flew out of Boston. It was a Thursday afternoon and it literally took me 3 hours from the time I left Worcester, park in the garage, check-in and get through security. I barely made my flight.

2) This past Monday I flew out of JFK and I was not completely sure how hard it would be to get to JFK. Instead of taking the E Line to the Airtrain, we took a Sedan to JFK for $95 (including tip). Even with traffic it only took an hour and we ended up getting there two hours before our flight.

T5 was great!!!! Juice bars (charging stations) all over the place, good food and places to shop. The two hours flew by, we checked in at our gate and flew back to Worcester.

Here is our question. If you want to travel to a destination on the JetBlue route map other then FLL or MCO do you:

1) Drive to Boston and get a direct flight to your destination
2) Fly out of Worcester to JFK then connect to your destination

Common Sense will do number 1. We would much rather do number 2 and spend our time at JFK being productive and stress free, versus trying to get a direct flight out of Boston. Not to mention the additional out-of-pocket expenses for gas, tolls, tunnels and parking.

Neither Common Sense nor I am right, or wrong.

We feel that Worcester Airport could sell the benefits flying out of Worcester to JFK then connecting, but nobody knows about the 1) flight itself or 2) the destinations one can reach with this flight. As a result we have loads hovering around 50%.

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commented on 2018-06-27 20:54:45

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can fly direct everywhere 😂 someone call Manchester and Providence have them close down shop tomorrow. Clearly all you need is Logan regardless of personal preference.

Common Sense

commented on 2018-06-27 22:37:47

I've always taken the local airport van service. It picks me up at my door and drops me off right at the terminal. No need to pay for gas, tolls or the need to walk from a garage to the terminal. The price is reasonable even with the tip. What about direct flights from TF Green, Manchester or Bradley where the check-in process is much easier. Another point is JetBlue only offers one flight to JFK so it gets cancelled or seriously delayed your SOL. I'm just not willing to risk missing or being really late for an important business meeting in NYC just for the small convenience of flying from ORH. The same goes for leisure travel. A cancellation or major delay from ORH could screw up the first day or two of my vacation. Let's hope this latest attempt to revive ORH works. The terminal was built to handle up to 800,000 passengers per year so there is plenty of room for growth.


commented on 2018-06-28 05:04:11

The issue with flying out of Worcester vice Boston from someone that flies multiple times a week, is that the Worcester airport is hard to get to from any major highway. You see signs for it on the Mass Pike but it’s now where near that road. Aircraft reliability has been a problem to say the least. Even if you chose Worcester those of us that fly quite a bit don’t want to connect. Flying from Worcester doesn’t give us that many destinations to choose from. Not connecting has its advantages like less of a chance of losing luggage, and less time overall spent traveling. Parking and tolls aren’t an issue to most of us that travel so much because these are reimbursable expenses if traveling for work purposes. If traffic in and out of Boston is a concern then don’t fly in and out of there during rush hour (6-9am) or (3-7pm).

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