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Very Interesting, Better Not Call Saul

On our end we see the IP addresses of the comments then look them up. Very interesting the destination of some of these IP addresses. Now for Saul..

Saul has many questions and some of them good, but he has throw in personal attacks. Sorry we will not allow that on the blog. If you do not agree with us, that is fine and we look forward to the debate. Personal attacks, however, will not be accepted.

After two tries Saul finally had a comment that we could post, check out this post . Here is his comment:

I apologize. I was probably too rude in my comment and you deleted it. I just wanted to let you know that I thought you represented the airport and didn't understand why your bashing rectrix and the airlines. Your website says "welcome to Worcester airport" and your twitter is called "Worcester airport". If it confused me, maybe its confusing other people. If you want to be balanced and allow comments, you shouldn't be filtering them. Thank you .

Here is our response:

Saul: It is one thing to make critical comments, but another to attack thus we deleted your previous posts.. Apology accepted... What airlines are we bashing??

How are we bashing Rectrix???? 1) We merely wanted to know when the Baltimore-Sarasota flight that was suppose to begin in October of 2017 will start? Now we know it will begin in 2019. Sorry, we do not think this will happen? Is that bashing??? 2) We also pointed out there are no corporate jets based on of ORH, is that bashing??


Now Saul in a debate you need to respond to our two questions above:

1) What airlines are we "bashing"?
2) How are we "bashing" Rectrix by pointing out facts?

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User Comments

Mike Erhmantraut

commented on 2018-06-24 07:45:05

Saul won't be getting back to you. He's taking Bill's advice realizing that it would be "damn near impossible to win an argument with" you. He did want to thank you for confirming that you censor comments. You may call it "attacking". He calls it criticizing. And its apparent you can't handle criticism. He asked you questions in the comments you deleted. Did you find deleting them to be more convenient than answering the questions? so before challenging someone to a debate, answer the questions they pose first. Debates are two way discussions. Your deletions voids the debate. Tell you what. Start an open debate with other readers and repost the deleted comments and ask if they are attacks or criticisms. Mike (drop)


commented on 2018-06-24 12:57:58

All blogs moderate comments! You have to or it becomes simply name calling. In the end after Saul apologized, we posted his comments and asked some follow-up questions to answer his comments. Mike maybe you can ask Saul our follow up questions and post his answers. Thanks


commented on 2018-07-02 11:18:15

I comment on this page anonymously all the time. Didn't know it wasn't anonymous.

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