Looking at what Frontier has done in Trenton. Read a great story today from the Denver Post, here is a small section

Frontier has also ended — or plans to end — all domestic service at Philadelphia; Dayton, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; and Louisville, Ky., but has added — or plans to add — service to Cleveland; Cincinnati; Minot, N.D.; and seasonal service to Knoxville, Tenn. It has also added a new focus city: Trenton, N.J.

“They’re between the Rockies and a hard place,” said George Hamlin, an airline analyst. “Clearly what they’re trying to do at Trenton is that they’re searching for markets that are not dominant………….

Frontier will roll out 10 nonstop flights at Trenton Mercer Airport, which currently hosts no other commercial airline service and is sandwiched between two major hub airports — Newark International Airport and Philadelphia International Airport.

The airport plans to revamp its 40-year-old terminal in order to accommodate the high-passenger traffic brought in by Frontier’s Airbus A319 jets, with its 124-seat flights…….

The executive team at Frontier is looking for growth in point-to-point travel, modeling itself after Ryanair and other European carriers that have succeeded by utilizing secondary airports.

To be effective in Trenton, Shurz said Frontier must raise awareness about the airport, airline and destination services among the densely populated region between Philadelphia and New York City.

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