Once good, one bad and one hopeful

Two weeks ago we predicted that American Airlines would begin service out of ORH through their Regional (Piedmont Airlines) to Philadelphia, although we predicted two maybe three turns per day. This past Monday it was in fact announced that American, through Piedmont, would begin service to Philadelphia; however, only one turn per day leaving Philadelphia at 8:00AM and returning from Worcester at 9:30AM.

Keep in mind that in the past we have predicted correctly:

* JetBlue Service to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale
* JetBlue Service to New York
* Direct Airlines would go out of business

Now it is time for our next 3 predictions.

1: American Airlines

Whether you look at Watertown, New York or Scranton, PA, to name a few, all the American Airlines Regional Carriers with service to Philadelphia have an early departure to Philadelphia departing before 7:00AM. They do this to enable passengers to make connections to all the destinations on the American route map.

Our current schedule out of Worcester only allows us to connect to 38 destinations on the same day. On the return, our current schedule, only allows 15 of these 38 destinations on the same day. The other 23 requires you to stay overnight in Philadelphia, then fly the next morning at 8:00AM back to Worcester.

This fight will change to an early morning departure with a late night return, similar to the JetBLue flight to NYC. This may happen in the very short-term or on the long-term by January of 2019..

sidebar The pricing for tickets out of Worcester came out today and it is not very pretty American Ticket Website . $521 one way to Philadelphia #speechless.

2 Rectrix flight Worcester-Baltimore-Sarasota will never happen

Rectrix has been a better FBO at ORH then the previous one and has invested alot of money into a new hangar, but were they not going to bring their fleet and maintenance operations to ORH.. Did they? As far as we can tell , they have not.

Then this past summer they started an ill-fated flight to Cape Cod that came out initially at $200 each way. To date we have yet to meet anyone who has flown this flight and would love to see the numbers and highly doubt even 100 people flew this flight this past summer.

Recently we sent Tweets to Rectrix asking for the status of their proposed ORH-Baltimore-Sarasota flight, which was announced October, 2016. At that time Rectrix CEO, Richard Cawley, told the Telegram he expects to offer the service within the next year, “or perhaps even a bit sooner than a year.” ( Telegram Column).

We received no response, except to be eventually blocked. Putting that aside how does Rectrix propose to compete with a 29 seat plane with this flight? Airlines barely make money with a 50 seat plane? Nobody make money on a flight like that with 29 passengers?? What would the price be and how do you compete with JetBlue, who can get you to the same destinations now through New York??

This flight will never ever happen .

JetBlue--good news!!

Although I was surprised to hear Airport Director on the radio this week say that money was not spent on advertising in the Worcester area, since everyone already knows about the new service to NYC next month with JetBlue? They do???

If they do, most have no idea of the opportunities that are available with this flight. Recently a friend of mine, who like Turks and Cacois, was shocked, when I told him he would be able to get there next month out of Worcester with one stop in NYC!!

Sales may start slow for NYC, due to the low advertising, but word of mouth and great experiences will spread; for example, I met a person the other day, who raved about how she was going to fly to Barbados out of Worcester next month. By the end of the year the daily flight to NYC will be in 80-90 load factor and maybe even get a mid-day turn???

In addition with the CAT III system we hope to the the two Florida flights changing more to an early morning departure with late night return. Maybe more wishful thinking on this one??


1) We are going to have a great year with JetBlue in 2017.
2) Sorry to say unless American makes some changes with this flight, and not their pricing, we are not going to have any success with this flight.
3) Rectrix proposed flight will never happen
4) Yes, there was a 4th one and a good one but need to confirm it with more sources

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