There are only 38 destinations with this schedule and no international

Here is another problem with this schedule!! There are only 38 destinations that we can book with this schedule and no international flights.

Destinations that only have an outbound connection and not an inbound connection include: IAH, DFW, MSP, MCI, ORD, MCO, CHS, ATL, BNA, GSO, GSP, DAY, CMH, CAK, CLE, DTW, YYZ, YOW, YQB, ROA. These flights fly back to Philadelphia, but you will miss connection and have to wait until the next morning to return.

Destinations that have an outbound and inbound connecting flight include: RDU, ORF, SBY, CVG, IND, PIT, MDT, SCE, FWA, GRR, AVP, BUF, ROC, SYR, LAX. These land in Philly early enough and should be able to make your connection to Worcester and not have to stay another day to return.

So we really only have 15 destinations serviceable from ORH via PHL.

This schedule will not succeed

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