Very little advertising on this flight reflect in ticket sale

Did you know that the New York flights starts in three weeks, May 3rd. We would not blame you if you did not since there has been little advertising the flights. Yesterday we attempted to book a flight for the first week-end of service leaving Friday morning and returning Sunday night.

The outbound has approximately 60 seats sold, while the return has 40 for an overall load factor of 50%. It is still too early to panic, but at the same time we really need to take a close look at this and maybe put the PawSox talk on hold???

Although Massport has done a great job investing approximately $50 million in infrastructure like CAT III and bring an airline like JetBlue to Worcester, the advertising has been minimal. In fact driving to Worcester, you see as much advertising for TF Green and Bradley as you do for Worcester?

Recently we started an Instagram account and posted itineraries that are available out of Worcester on JetBlue through New York and people were shocked to see the endless possibilities! We need to start selling the benefits of this flight, which if successful will bring more flights!!! On the other hand if we fail with this flight, it will scare away potential airlines.

Footnote , if American does not change the time, we do not want this flight. It will fail and be another black eye for ORH. BTW, there are still no prices available for this flight in October?

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