The numbers at ORH have been declining pretty steadily. Now we can look back at the numbers from last January thru October.

The numbers at ORH have been declining pretty steadily. Now we can look back at the numbers from last January thru October.

Bradley went from 4.89 million to 5.11 million (up 4.68 percent)
Providence went from 2.97 million to 3.12 million (up about 5 percent, international numbers are estimated according to their reported load factors. Either way PVD is killing it)
Manchester went from 1.68 million to 1.63 million (down 3.11 percent)
Boston is still Boston.
So as you can see with the exception of Manchester which continues to decline , the other two airports with a direct impact on the ORH market are booming with new service, some international, and expanding existing service.

Being that both BDL and PVD share a portion of their market with Central Massachusetts let alone the common BOS market, this is a direct indication that to some extent the ORH market is definitely there. Although aviation demand is growing strong all around Worcester, but you couldn’t tell by looking at our performance.

Worcester went from 96.3k to 89.5k (a decrease of 7.16 percent)
ORH is going to post by far the worst year of performance since JetBlue started service. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if ORH doesn’t crack 100,000 once Nov and Dec numbers are released .

While we can scream about the flight times being awful (which they are) and the prices being too high (which they are), there was a time where a similar schedule was still filling flights. There are just way more convenient alternatives now than flying either of the flights at ORH.

The next 1-2 years are more and more crucial for ORH by the day, because right now PVD and BDL are putting ORH are killing it. JFK is crucial! I am worried on two fronts:

Relying on a portion of passengers willing to transfer, when the JetBlue website does not allow booking transfers with more then a 4 hour layover and wonder
How many business people will want to return so late into Worcester (close to midnight)?
Now some may call me negative for posting this, but numbers do not lie and I am just real concerned that we have a great opportunity here and we need to make the most of it. During the week, we will have some recommendations.

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