Flights start in May and there has been very little marketing

The fact Worcester Airport will have CAT III operational and NYC flights to JetBlue hub starting in May is big news!! This can be the start of many other good things that could follow, with huge benefits to the City of Worcester.

Would it not be nice to see a pic of a UPS plane at ORH as Logan expands and has not room for UPS, who has a large hub in Shrewsbury??

Instead we read every day how the PawSox can make a huge economic benefit to the City of Worcester after we invest close to $30,000,000, which you know in the end will be closer to $40,000,000. We would never get a return on this investment..

Keep in mind the same $40,000,000 that has been invested the last 3 years at ORH has cost the taxpayers of Worcester nothing, with Massport paying the tab. Please enough PawSox talk, especially when it will never happen.

Bottom line we have $40,000,000 invested in ORH, that cost the taxpayers nothing, but we need to market this to ensure its success which will pay huge dividends to the taxpayers. Spend money here not on a Stadium for the PawSox, that will never pay off for the taxpayers.


Right now very few people outside of Worcester are aware of this new flight starting in May!! Lets hope we see more advertising over the next few months to ensure the success of this new flight and the success of ORH

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