Fees and congestion increase at Boston only help Worcester

Not making this up!!


Another great opportunity for ORH!!  Not only do we not charge to drop or pick up, but not park and only pay $6 per week or $42 for a full week!!    There are so many opportunities for ORH once we get CAT III and the NYC shuttle...   Timing could not be better.        At the same time the people surrounding Logan can not stop complaining about the air traffic over their homes, we can not blame them send some flights to Worcester, where we only have 4 per day!



Massport and Worcester needs to do a better job getting the word out as the NYC shuttle should start flying some time after the first of the year.   Imagine being able to:

  1. Drive to Worcester where there is little Traffic-Tolls-Tunnels and pay $42 for the week

  2. From your car, through check-in and TSA to your gate in less then 10 minutes

  3. Fly to JFK where your bags and transferred to one of JetBlue's 100 destinations

This is not bad but we need to do much better then this..


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