Aloisi call ORH anemic

Last week we did a search on Twitter for "Worcester Aiport" and found a tweet by Jim Aloisi, former Secretary of Transportation and Massport board member, referring to Worcester as being "anemic".

Granted if you look at the performace of ORH calling it "anemic" is generous, but now??? Over the past 4 years, we were take over by Massport (one of many businesses the City of Worcester should not be in), started two flights per day to Florida with JetBlue, a new FBO in Rectrix with new terminal, a new airport director and close to 50 million invested in infrastructure including CAT III.

Finally we are poised to be an asset to not only the taxpayers of Worcester, but the Commonwealth of Massachusetts providing much needed relief to Logan. Of all times a former Secretary of Transportation and Massport member decides to call ORH "anemic"?

Now follow these tweets:

Admittedly maybe our comments were "snarky", but we honestly were a little surprised that a former Secretary of Transportation and Massport board member did not see the potential of ORH based on all the recent developments. Then after this tweet to block us????

Next year ,if anyone sees Jim Aloisi can you give him updates for us.

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