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People do not realize all the partners JetBlue has and all the destinations that we can reach from JFK next year with the NYC shuttle

Anytime you want to buy tickets from JetBlue go to the BestFareFinder page. Looking at that page you will see a section on the left that says "Region". Click on Europe, for example, and you will see listed for Ireland:

Cork, Ireland (ORK)
Dublin (DUB)
Kerry (KIR)
Limerick - Shannon (SNN)

Does that mean JetBlue flies to Ireland? No, it means it has partnered with Aer Lingus. The best part of this partnership is that you connect with them, as well as Hawaiian Airlines from Terminal 5 (T5), which is JetBlue's terminal at JFK.

Let me give you an itinerary flying to Ireland versus having to drive to Boston.

First: You drive to ORH, park for $7 per day or $42 per week and spend 10 minutes checking in and getting through TSA to the gate.

Second: Flight to NYC and JetBlue's T5 at JFK.

Third: Staying in the same terminal, check through customs and connect to your Aer Lingus flight to Ireland.

The alternative is to drive to Boston and fly to Ireland. Not only will it be easier and more convenient to fly to JFK then to drive to Boston, but the overall cost when you consider tolls/gas/parking may even be cheaper.

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