After posting our column earlier this week that Rectrix was too high to Hyannis, they have dropped their prices

Earlier in the week, we had written that Rectrix would not be flying by Labor Day if they kept prices at $170 each way. Click here for that column

By the end of the week Rectrix drops their prices from $170 to $99.

Maybe if their CEO had met with us when we had requested a meeting, then they could have priced this out of the gate appropriately? Putting that aside great job by Rectrix, lowering their prices so dramatically,since they obviously were not selling any tickets as we predicted.

May we also suggest that they offer a frequent flier to the Cape, where you buy 3 and get the 4th free or buy 4 and get the 5th free. We still and will forever have that "Spag's mentality" And add what about for another $29 you can get to Nantucket??

Still think that this may be a long shot to achieve success with little to no advertising, but at this cost it has a much better chance. We are hoping that this proves to be a success.

Going forward Rectrix should bail on their Baltimore-Sarasota idea, now that JetBlue will have the NYC shuttle, and concentrate on Myrtle Beach during the winter months after the holidays.

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