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Right now this is like pre-season football next year the season starts

JetBlue by the numbers.

Although we just passed 400,000 passengers, the loads have dropped each year since the first flights began with JetBlue in November of 2013.

Average Annual Load

The loads so far this year through the first 3 months remains at 81%. Should we be alarmed by this downward trend?? No way...

Looking back, Massport somehow convinced JetBlue to start service in 2013 with daily flights to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, even though we did not have CAT III. Typically JetBlue does not like to do this since with ORH high elevation (fog) would have too many cancellations and diversions, but they did. Although we have said this before, it is worth saying again. JetBlue never would have brought these two flights to Worcester, if we still owned the airport! Thank you Massport.

We think these flights were brought to ORH to keep it relevant, while all the needed upgrades were completed costing Massport more then $40,000,000, something also we never would have been able to do if we retained ownership. At the same time we do not think Massport or JetBlue were to concerned about increasing the loads each year , as long as we stayed respectable. Based on the advertising monies spent (not alot), the ticket pricing (little high) and the times of the flights (not the best), we have done a great job to stay above 80%, very respectable.

Right now we feel like this is the end of the last game of pre-season and Tom Brady is on the bench, Jacoby Brissett is taking some snaps and nobody really cares who wins the game. Massport and JetBlue are just working through all the kinks getting ready for the the season to begin.

The real season begins when CAT III is operational and the NYC shuttle starts. That will be game time and open the entire JetBlue flight map. Imagine being able to drive to ORH, spend 10 minutes checking in, flying to NYC then connecting to, for example, Las Vegas. No traffic, no long lines, no tolls, no high parking fees and the world at our finger tips!!!

Buckle up, it is going to be quite a ride!!

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