FlyORH does not believe Rectrix will succeed with their flights to Hyannis

Rectrix has been a great addition to Worcester Airport (ORH). Their new FBO will make it very attractive for General Aviation at ORH! This does not necessarily mean that they will be successful with Commercial Flights out of ORH

Last year Rectrix announced that they were working on a flight that would stop in Baltimore and continue on to Sarasota-Brandenton. At the time, we thought that had alot of potential, but now that JetBlue will have a NYC daily shuttle???

Would you:
A) Fly JetBlue to NYC then to Sarasota-Brandenton
B) Rectrix to Sarasota-Bradenton through Baltimore
Although JetBlue does not fly to Baltimore, we do not see this flight selliing alot of tickets.

Last week Rectrix started a flight to Hyannis. We support all efforts to make ORH an asset to Worcester, but we just do not see this being a draw either?
1. Rectrix does not have the marketing of JetBlue and this flight will need marketing. Calling the various media outlets the week before the first flight will not be enough.
2. The prices are simply too high at cost of $159 each way.
3. You need a car down the Cape.

Considering that we follow developments at ORH closely, other then a few columns in the local media to kick off these flights, we have noticed very little marketing to sell any tickets on these flights? Bottom the Commercial Aviation Business is completely different then the General Aviation Business. A new airline with a new flight from an airport not alot of people consider as an option needs a very aggressive campaign with deep pockets.

To date it seems like a lot of flights have already been cancelled and we highly doubt many tickets have been sold, since we have heard no buzz at all about this flight. Highly doubt this flight be around by Labor Day.

This is the last thing we want to be saying today, but we have to call it like we see it?? Rectrix we do have an idea for you.

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