Last year when Cuba first opened up for commercial service from the United States there were only a limited amount of flights available.

Airlines applied for many more routes then were available routes with the FAA, who decided who would get which routes. To date JetBlue request to fly from Boston to Havana has been rejected twice!!

Recently Spirit plans to drop its twice-daily Fort Lauderdale to Havana flights on May 31 while Frontier will cease its daily Miami-Havana service on June 4. These two airlines will return 21 weekly Havana frequencies when they cease service to Cuba and JetBlue is ready to pounce.

Now JetBlue is applying for seven of those weekly frequencies. Six of them would be used for flights between Fort Lauderdale and Havana, and the remaining one to launch a new nonstop Saturday service from Boston to the Cuban capital. This would be the third time that they have tried to land a Boston to Havana flight.

Why are we not considering a central location like Worcester for a flight to Havana? Worcester is owned by Masssport, Congressman McGovern has connections in Havana, CAT III will be operational by the end of the year and unlike Boston that has no room– why not Worcester to Havana 1 time versus Boston to Havana for a 3rd time!!!

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