Introducing: The Icelandair Stopover Buddy Service

What is an Icelandair Stopover?
When you fly Icelandair across the Atlantic, you can stopover in Iceland for up to seven nights at no additional airfare. That gives you the opportunity to explore Iceland, both country and culture, without adding onto your ticket price.

The Icelandair Stopover Buddy Service
Last winter, we introduced a free service to our Stopover passengers. We gave them the chance to see Iceland through the experienced eyes of a local by requesting a Stopover Buddy, an Icelandair employee who acted as their personal host for up to one day. Now, the Buddies are back and better than ever, offering transatlantic guests the chance to celebrate on their Stopover in Iceland.

What’s in store this season?
Our Stopover Buddies not only know the lay of the land but they also know other interesting locals. That means they are just the right people to help you turn your Icelandair Stopover into a fun and memorable celebration. This winter, pop open the champagne, put on your party hat and request an Icelandair employee to help you celebrate the way Icelanders do. From birthdays, to proposals, our Buddies have it covered. Alternatively, join in on local, Icelandic celebrations and allow our Buddies to show you how to make a good trip even better – Icelandair style.

Request your Buddy
If you’re flying across the Atlantic with us and have planned a Stopover in Iceland, you can request a Buddy to come celebrate with you. The service itself is free of charge, so it’s the perfect addition to your Stopover in Iceland.

Come celebrate with us!

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